Two SHEIN Outfits & A Life Update

dress from shein

I have not done a lookbook in a while. Not that I stopped caring about fashion. I just did not really have the time or the energy if I am being honest. Event despite telling myself I should (and wanted to) get back to blogging. Let’s say that those two SHEIN outfits are not only great for the end of summer, but also a sign that I am indeed getting back into blogging.

Here is the story. The last six months have been intense and full of life changes. There has been ups and downs, a lot of tears and emotions, a lot of stress and exhaustion. Yes, the past six months have been very exhausting.

First, I launched my own vegan leather handbag, Masha Hasel. I wrote a blog post about it. It has been great but it has also been a lot of work. Developing a brand does not happen overnight and even if there has been good progress, impostor syndrome and frustration still do creep in here and there. I guess it comes with the job!

Second, we took the decision to start thinking about moving back to Europe. When? We do not really know. It is an intense, complicated and long process. Especially because of Brexit. We were both leaving in the UK prior to moving to New York City. Moving back will not be easy.

I also started a new job a month ago. While I really enjoy myself in this new job and I learn a lot, it has been intense too. The workload is high and my days are filled to the brim. Not that I complain, I like it when I am busy. And I really do enjoy working there and what I am doing. Being back at doing social media is what I wanted and I am glad I did it. Yet, I am still tired, but it is a good kind of tired.

Plus now that summer is ending, I am quite exciting for fall and Christmas. Back in the UK, I did not want summer to ever end. Simply because summer is not that much of a thing. It is either short or rainy. In New York City, summer lasts four to five months, reaching temperatures such as 40°C and is very humid. Mid-season is much more enjoyable.

And I do enjoy seeing the leaves change color and walk in Central Park during fall.

But enough about this quick life update. Let’s talk fashion for a minute. As usual, those two SHEIN outfits are super cute pieces that are also easy to style. I enjoy florals no matter the season but still think that they are perfect when fall is about to start. But then, look at the dress. Isn’t it the cutest? Plus, it matches my new tea set!

The black dress is much more simple in color (obv!) but not in shape. Look at the sleeves! So puffy. They are padded to bring extra volume. The back is my favorite part though! With knots and ribbons. I just think it is super pretty and make this dress much more original than you’d think!

Let me now what you think as you get a closer look below! Remember, you can get an extra 15% off your SHEIN order with code 5corinne. It works on items that are on sale or already discounted!

Floral is always right

dress from shein dress from shein dress from shein

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Black is never wrong

two shein outfits two shein outfits two shein outfits

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What do you think of those two SHEIN outfits? Do you like them? Which dress is your favorite?

Thanks a lot of stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,


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