Three Princess Dresses To Shine During Prom

Three Princess Dresses To Shine During Prom

I remember my first prom. In France, you do not have prom in high school like you do in the US. Thus, you do not go look for a stunning gown that will make you feel like a princess. I did attend a few balls at university though. During my second year of university, I went to the Law Ball. In New Zealand, I went to the Language Ball. And while in Edinburgh, I attended Graduation Ball. I was not wearing a princess dress back then, but here I am with three princess dresses that will make you shine during prom!

I wore the same dress at the Law Ball and Language Ball. It was a dress I had found on sale for €5 in H&M. It was orange, short, with frills, and asymmetric. To be honest, for the price, it felt like a great investment. And it is a dress I really loved! I kept it a very long time! I wore a greek goddess style gown from Boohoo at the Graduation ball. Loved it but it was very long and required me to wear ten centimeter heels at all time. Which was hard. Just like finding the perfect dress.

Three Prom Dress Ideas

How difficult can it be to find the perfect dress for prom? Where do you find prom dress ideas? On blogs and on Pinterest? Sometimes we do need some help, a little nudge in the right direction, a fashion blogger modeling three princess dresses to ensure you make the most of the night, you make it as perfect as it can be! Whether you need prom dress ideas actually for prom or for any university ball you may attend!

1. All about burgundy

Back in January, Ever Pretty got in touch with me for a collaboration. They do prom dresses, gowns of all kind, princess dresses, etc. I saw there the opportunity for some great photos in New York City of course. The curse of any Instagrammer, am I right?! But also, I saw there the opportunity to try a new brand and give you, dear readers, some great prom dress ideas to rock that night!

As I chose a maxi dress, Ever Pretty has an enormous choice of dresses as they specialize in wholesale evening gowns. Have a look on their website to know what I mean. The choice is endless. And amongst all those ever pretty dresses, I picked this off the shoulder a-line dress with a top made of lace and a skirt made of tulle. And let me tell you, it is gorgeous!

The dress has the perfect length, even when you are not too tall. Medium-high high heels will work just fine and prevent the dress from touching the ground too much. There is a zip at the back so it is very easy to put on and the fabric is really soft to the skin. I love the lacy details of the top and the bardot style, which really had a romantic vibe to the dress. Size wise, I went for a US6, which is a UK10, my regular size so it is very true to size. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of this dress and I think amongst all the three princess dresses in this list, it might be my favorite!

Three Princess Dresses To Shine During Prom

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Burgundy gown – Ever Pretty*
High heels – Shein*

2. Life through pink tinted glasses

I had this dress for quite some time since it dates from a former collaboration of mine with JJ’s House. And I love this dress. I think it is just gorgeous. The color, first, is quite something. Second, the design! The fabric crossing at the back is just stunning and the design itself is so flattering. This is quite a long dress, which requires higher heels but so nice to wear!

What attracted my eyes when browsing for a dress what the v-neck of the dress first, but also the open sides, which only make you guess about what is going on in the back. Those stripes at the front and crossing at the back are covered in sequin, the fabric itself is pleated and open on both side. The only thing I have to say about this dress is that the fabric is quite heavy. It is not a light, floaty dress. 

But it remains an amazing dress for prom and the design is absolutely stunning! If I had had it while at university, I would have worn it to all the different balls I went! Too bad I left this dress at my parents’ in France because otherwise, I’d be taking photos of it in New York!

three princess dress to shine during prom growth three princess dress to shine during prom

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Pink gown – JJ’s House*
High heels – Maison Martin Margiela

3. 50 shades of blue

And finally, last but not least, third of those three princess dresses for prom, another dress from Every pretty! It is blue this time, still with a tutu skirt, a different type of lace and a v-neck. Of all the long evening dress Every Pretty has on their website, this one caught my eyes. It is super different from the one shoulder dress I wore at the Law Ball and Language Ball – I wish I had a picture to show you! – but just as gorgeous!

I am not gonna lie, it is the front of the dress that really made me cave. Look at the light turquoise crochet! The details are so intricate and delicate! Also, a very important detail, something I need to mention and that all prom dress should have, are built-in padded cups to cover your boobs! And that my friends, make a great dress! No need to wear a bra! The dress also had a silky belt below the top to separate from the skirt.

As evening dresses wholesalers, Ever Pretty has a fantastic choice of prom and princess dress. Literally, anything you may have in mind, you can find it. But if you do not know what you want, then all that choice can be overwhelming. That is where I come in with those three princess dresses! To help you find the best prom dress should you need it! And vouch for the great design and quality of Every Pretty!

If you do order from them though, I recommend that you do it quite ahead of your prom or ball as depending where you live, the dress may take up to two weeks to arrive.

Three Princess Dresses To Shine During Prom Three Princess Dresses To Shine During Prom

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Blue Gown – Ever Pretty*
High heels – Shein*

Are you attending any ball this year? Or going to prom? Do you need prom dress ideas? Where are you at with finding the perfect dress? What is your favorite memory from prom?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

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