Summer Holiday Haul With Chicwish

Summer Holiday Haul With Chicwish

When I say I have not been on a proper holiday in a very long time, I am not kidding. The last time was August 2018 and my wardrobe is proof! No swimsuits, sun hats, beach cover ups or maxi dresses. Nothing that a little Chicwish summer holiday haul cannot fix! But let’s rewind and give a proper context to those flamboyant statements!

My last holiday was in Corsica, in 2018. Although I did have five months waiting for my work permit to arrive back in 2019, I do not really consider that time a holiday. I did some blogging work, freelancing and content creation. It would have been odd going on a long holiday just after my husband got his job or I got mine, so we decided to wait.

And then, COVID hit. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, visa issues, lack of PTOs, etc. It was chaos and not the right time. After one year in my “new” job and everything “back to normal”, I have PTOs to use and holidays to take. So here we are. My husband and I will be spending a week in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of September.

Neither of us can wait.

We are very excited.

Our first proper holiday in four years!!!

Back to the matter at hands now. My holiday wardrobe or lack thereof. While swimsuits and beach accessories are a must, maxi dresses and other summer appropriate outfits must be looked into. Fortunately, Chicwish has a great selection of holiday item that will beautifully complement my summer holiday wardrobe and will be perfect for my time in Puerto Rico!

NOTE: All the outfits featured in this blog post were gifted to me by Chicwish as part of a collaboration that does not include monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.

Floral and pleats

Probably my new favorite dress this summer! I just love the pleated pattern as well as the floral print. Both complement each other so well! Plus, the braided straps are super pretty, and the matching V neck at the front and back is beautiful. The dress is perfect for a day exploring or a night out! I have worn it both at work and on a bottomless brunch cruise, so it is very versatile!

Holiday Haul with Chicwish

pleated flower dress

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Bardot and asymmetric

I have had my eyes set on this bardot dress for a very long time, I will admit. I love the floral and geometric shapes all over the dress, and the asymmetric style. The primary colors of blue, red and yellow on the floral pattern are so lovely and that dress is perfect for summer in the city, a summer holiday or at the beach!


Chicwish dress

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Peonies and vintage

You know me, I only wear dresses. I mean, at least 99% of the time. Jeans and other pants may be a requirement in certain situation, but I will avoid them as much as I can. Give me a midi dress with a vintage vibe and a floral print and I’ll sign up straightaway. Hence this specific dress. Looking back on it, maybe this dress is better for summer in the city, which is perfect because right now New York City is in the high 20°C every day!


Flower bustier dress by Chicwish

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Lemon and Mediterranean vibe

I don’t think there is a dress that screams more of summer holiday than this one. It is probably the lemon print that really reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea. Do you picture those houses on the mountain with balconies covered in lemon trees? That vibe. And I am obsessed. The Almafi Coast is a bit far away at the moment, but this dress will be perfect for Puerto Rico!

Lemon and Mediterranean vibe

Lemon and Mediterranean vibe

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A skirt for dancing

Last but not least, one may never say no to a two piece outfit including a cute white crop-top and a watercolor maxi skirt. I have had that skirt on my radar for quite some time as well, seeing it everywhere on Instagram. I may be a bit late to the party on this one. It does not matter. I love how big it is, how it flows and twirls. If you are 5.5ft or under, like me, make sure you wear some heels, even kitten heels so that the skirt is the perfect length!

Holiday Haul With Chicwish

St patrick's cathedral

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What do you think of those dresses? And this summer holiday wardrobe? Which dress is your favorite? Have you purchased from Chicwish before? What did you think?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,


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