Styling A Yina Yina NY Bag Three Ways

Stying A Yina Yina NY Bag Three Ways

Let’s think of lipsticks for a little bit. How many different shades do you own? Too many to count. How often do you wear each? Never for most of them, as you always end up wearing that same shade of bright red all the time. I am a bit like this when it comes to accessories. I may cave and buy a lot of bags, I always end up using the same few ones. Therefore, I must make sure that I will have plenty of pieces to style them with. This Kafka Mini Tote bag from Yina Yina New York makes no exception.

Yina, a friend of mine that I met last year shortly after moving to the US, has her own brand of bags. It is called Yina Yina New York and offers some gorgeous designs you want to check out! All bags are made of double-sided leather with contrasting colors. We have been shooting together a few times before the pandemic.

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Now that New York City is reopening again, we went to Soho for a photoshoot together. Empty Soho was both weird and amazing. No one to photobomb us! She gifted me this gorgeous Kafka Mini Tote Bag to style with my outfits. Thanks so much Yina, I love it!

The design is gorgeous, the colors perfect for me and I can style it with a lot of pieces I already own! Because that is the point of it all! Having a few accessories that you can wear with all your clothes! So below are three ways to style the Kakfa Mini Tote Bag by Yina Yina New York!

Plus, you get a free card holder when you order a bag!

1. Colorful chic in Soho

Do you know what sounds like heaven? Soho without tourists. You can take photos aplenty without people to photobomb them or having to wait for people to walk past. It did feel super weird and eerie but at the same time, shooting was much easier!

When it came to styling this Kafka Mini Tote bag, I tried to find pieces I own that would look great with it! And though I know that neutrals can be styled with anything, I really like the dress below and really wanted to see if it worked with the bag. Guess what?! It did!

The blue and purple of the dress complement the red of the bag really well! After all, blue and red together do make purple!  A dress from Nasty Gal that I bought back before Christmas 2019 and that I have been wearing so many times ever since!

I’ve got so many compliments on that dress! So I wear it again and again on photos. It was the perfect dress to style with the Kafka Mini Tote!

Kafka mini tote by Yina yina NY three ways

Kafka mini tote by Yina yina NY three ways

Shop the outfit
Dress – Nasty Gal (similar here)
Wedges – Shein*
Tote Bag – Yina Yina New York*
Earrings – Shein

2. It’s not Christmas yet

Who said that green and red are just for Christmas? Not me! Even though I thought they did! I was afraid I would look like a Christmas tree with this green maxi dress and red bag, but no! I think it looks amazing!

For reference, I wore this green maxi dress in my guide to DUMBO last summer and I have worn it many times since! It is so comfortable and great for summer! And as I turns out, it goes very well with the tote bag!

The green to red contrast looks amazing and is not “Christmassy”. I actually think the bag styles the outfit up, makes it more elegant, gives it a “chic” dimensions that I am 100% digging.

I love that the bag can be worn as cross-body or just held by the handles. That allows for more flexibility and styling options!

Shop the outfit
Maxi dress – Shein*
Tote Bag – Yina Yina New York*
Wedges – Shein*
Earrings – Shein

3. Neutrals beat them all

Last but not least, we get back to the basics! It is quite tricky to style a bright color accessory with print or colorful outfits. The risk to be too much is there. However, styling a neutral piece with a colorful bag? Piece of cake!

Neutrals go well with anything! They are non-color. Black or white especially. They can be styled a thousand ways with a lot of accessories. That is why this white dress goes so well with the red Kafka Mini Tote! Remember my post on the eight signs that a migraine may be coming? Well, same dress! But styled different!

The dress has a little chic yet preppy side with the balloon sleeves and the belt. Not the type of style I am used to but I fell in love with the dress so that will do! Paired with the tote bag it looks just amazing! The pop of red against the white is gorgeous!

I think the white dress was a good choice!

Kafka mini tote by Yina yina NY three ways Kafka mini tote by Yina yina NY three ways Kafka mini tote by Yina yina NY three ways

Shop the outfit
Dress – Shein*
Tote Bag – Yina Yina New York*
Wedges – Shein*
Earrings – Shein

What do you think of those three outfits? And of the Kafka Mini Tote bag? Had you heard about Yina Yina New York before? Do you like it? What is your go-to accessory?

Thanks a lot for stopping by! Hope you liked this post!

See you soon,

*Gifted items.



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