How To Style A Little Red Dress

little red dress

Jesus, it’s been a long time since I have written fashion content! After checking on my blog, my last fashion post was on the 21rd of April, about wedding guest dresses. Fascinating. I’ve got to admit that with a very tiny capsule wardrobe with me in New York, it is not like I had so many different outfits to shoot… or people to shoot them with! But life has its ways and I found other bloggers! I managed to shoot this little red dress!

Which I think should be a wardrobe staple.

Because red is amazing.

Red is the best color! Not quite the new black but close!

I talked about dresses on the blog a lot if I think of it. Little white dress, little midi black dress and so on. But a little red dress? Not yet, no! The main reason why I am writing this post is that before moving to NYC, I did some shopping at Naf Naf, back in France and all the pieces I got were… red.

Yes, that’s right. Two red dresses.

So I figured I should talk to you about them. Although it, in this post, since I have just shot one. The one in the photo. With the lace in the back, it’s an empire style dress, with the skirt starting just below the breast. And I have loved wearing it. I am not so much used to wearing red when I think of it. I wear colorful outfits, but red dresses? Not sure I ever went full on!

Have I not though?

Actually, yes! One dress from Neon Rose that I wore in Italy and ended up selling because I don’t have enough boobs to fill out the massive cleavage! And one knee length dress from Krisp but with white dots, so not sure it counts. Maybe I should stop there before I found out that red always had a prime spot in my wardrobe. But I had never dedicated a blog post just to a little red dress so let’s stop the chitchat!

Let’s get started!

I think styling red is a bit trickier that styling white, black or a more neutral color like blush or blue. It is already super bright and can quickly turn superman or carnival if associated with other bright colors. But at the same time, I do like to wear a red dress with a light denim jacket. What about you?

Since the red dress is the statement piece in the outfit already, I’d try to tone it down with accessories whose colors are rather neutral. Like a white bag or black shoes. Or pick complimentary colors to read to make sure the ensemble looks harmonious.

So I guess styling a red dress in summer is much easier because you hardly need a jacket or coat – except if you live in the UK, I guess! But in NYC, from May to September, no jacket needed as it turns out! So I just had to style the dress with a white beaded bag and my graphic wedges that I have had for more than 5 years now! But if you were to wear a jacket, I’d recommend a black or light blue denim jacket!

little red dress

little red dress

Shop my outfit
Red dress – Naf Naf
Beaded bag – Amazon
Wedges – 3 Suisses
Watch – ADEXE Watch London
Earrings – Nasty Gal

What do you think? Do you often wear red? Do you have a little red dress? Is red your color?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,


  1. July 5, 2019 / 9:02 pm

    I love red and actually own two little red dresses too. They’re perfect when I want a little bit of “oomph” in my outfit, and something different from the classic LBD. I think styling it with a black or light blue denim jacket is a great idea. Mines often paired with my black leather jacket in the Autumn / Winter months.

  2. July 14, 2019 / 9:27 am

    This outfit looks great! I got myself a little red dress for holiday and I can wait to see the options I come.up with. Definitely going to keep your tips in mind. B x

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