Spring Lookbook With Allegra K*

spring  lookbook with allegra k

You know me. If there is something I like, it is a floral dress. Even when I don’t try, I wear florals. Which may not be groundbreaking for spring but still super pretty. So of course, when Allegra K got in touch for a collaboration a few months back, I had to put together a spring lookbook. As I browsed their website, I, again, picked floral dresses. Unconsciously. Without wanting it. It just happened.

I am not much of an editorial girl. The outdoors work much better for me and I love shooting street styles. Of course, these days, it is a bit difficult. So off shooting indoors we go. I won’t have wisteria or cherry blossom in my photos so it won’t scream of spring that much… but, the dresses themselves should make up for that. After all, nothing screams of spring more than a floral dress, am I right? And thus, they belong in this spring lookbook.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had to add a floral crown. Who am I?!

A spring lookbook with Allegra K

When I shoot outdoors, I work with a photographer or with a blogger friend. Indoors is much harder. Until very recently, I used to shoot all outfits completely on my own. Setting up, styling it up, lighting, timer, the photo. All. But it takes a lot of time and energy. Thus, on this occasion, I enlisted the help of my husband who took all the photos in this spring lookbook.

Ah oh boy did it go much faster! It was way easier too! So thank you Philip, you are the reason why I still have content after all those weeks in lockdown!

1. All the daisies

If you have read previous outfit posts, you know how much I love the floral print. Which I keep on repeating. However, looking back at it, the dresses often are in shades of pink and purple. Don’t ask why.  My latest floral outfit ideas I mean. Back in the days, I wore a more diverse set of colors. Well, this spring lookbook is the exception since not only have I gone for a neutral floral print, like you will see below, but also for a blue and white print!

We’re getting bold, we’re getting cold! Blue usually are for denim or leather jackets. Which, again, are featured in this blog post. However, I found the daisy print of this dress so cute that I could not resist. It is very cute, fall just at knee level and is very versatile. The type of dress you could wear on a stroll, at a party or in the office. Which I intend to do when the stay-at-home order expires.

I styled this daisy print dress with my iconic denim jacket which I have had since 2017 and that follows me everywhere from London to New York! By the way, did you know I have been living in New York for a year now?! This spring look would not be complete with accessories: a straw bag (because why not) and a pair of wedges (which you can’t really see here but can check out below in the outfit details).

This dress is a size M, which is my usual size. However, it is a bit too large so I’d recommend go for a size below.

spring lookbook with allegra k

Shop this outfit
Denim Jacket – Primark
Daisies Dress – Allegra K*
Straw Bag – Shein*
Wedges – Shein*

2. Neutral florals

Let’s move onto outfit two of this spring lookbook. Another kind of floral print, the neutral kind. If you have been following me on Instagram or reading this blog for quite some time, you know I do not give into neutrals. I love bright colors no matter the season. But I had to say I liked the design of this dress, like the way it was shaped and the print was cute too. So I caved.

Again, I would recommend picking a size below your usual size for floating dresses.

Because this dress is quite neutral, it was easy to style. I felt like adding more neutral tones to this outfit might not work so I choose my bright blue leather jacket. Another one that I have had for ages, since 2016, and that moved with me to the US. As for the bag, black always work so my cross-body back was the perfect final touch.

I know that some floral prints can quickly look old on someone. Or make it look like it’s an outfit for a “grandma”. Or maybe it is just a French thing. I do not know. And I get why this particular print may not suit youngsters. However, I believe the right styling and accessories can really transform a piece.

spring lookbook with allegra k

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Leather Jacket – Zara
Floral Dress – Allegra K*
Cross-Body Bag – Shein*
Sandals – Shein*

3. Roaring fifties

Final outfit in this spring lookbook and probably my favorite! Because I went full out on the floral theme, even in my  hair! I do not own any fifties style dress so I decided, why not?! Love the shape, love the print. The dress is super pretty, easy to style, easy to wear. Perfect for spring and summer.

The black belt adds some structure to the dress and I really like how the outfit turned out. The dress is of vintage inspiration but it is not as obvious as with some other dresses. Thus, I think it is the perfect one to start wearing vintage styles. And again, wear it at work, no problem. 

Because the print has many different colors, I decided to stay minimalist with the accessories: black heels and a little straw bag. The flower crown does not count. It is just to be extra. Don’t know if I’d have enough confidence to wear it outside the flat or not in the context of a photoshoot. Only future will tell.

spring lookbook with allegra k spring lookbook with allegra k

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Vintage Dress – Allegra K*
High Heels – Shein*
Flower crown – Amazon

What do you think of this spring lookbook? Have you ever heard of Allegra K? Which outfit is your favorite?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you liked this post

See you soon,

*Gifted items.


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