Review: the Native Watch by Nordgreen Copenhagen*

Having worked for a watch brand in the past, I think I now know a bit about watches. Not that I am a professional, a connoisseur or an expert. Not at all. I know the jargon, that is all. And I also know what  I am looking for in a women’s watch. Thus, let’s see if the Native watch by Nordgreen Copenhagen meets all my expectations.

I am quite excited to work with Nordgreen on this blog post. They are a watch brand that I have seen popping around a lot lately. Not gonna lie, their sleek elegant designs did catch my eye more than a few times. I guess that is some prestige and specific vibe implied when one talks about Scandinavian design.

Before I work with any brand,  I always do a bit of research. After all, I want to work with brands that somehow align with my values. As of late, I have tried to shop less, be more conscious of the environment, and live in a more sustainable way. Indeed, I cook my lunch at home that I pack into a Tupperware. I donate clothes I no longer wear or books I did not like. I strive to give a second life to belongings I no longer wish to keep.

Thus of course, Nordgreen’s sustainability initiatives played a bit of a role in my decision to work with the brand. They indeed invest in their community, have a give back program and strive to reduce their carbon imprint. Considering 2020 was one the hottest year ever, any bit of help is welcome!

Well at least the ozone hole above the Arctic closed in 2020 so that is one good news for this year. That, and Donald Trump losing the US election. And the vaccine. So I guess maybe things are about to get brighter. Back to the topic at hand…

There are three reasons why I decided to work with Nordgreen and why I really like what they do:

  • They care about local communities and the environment.
  • They have a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process.
  • Their design are sleek, elegant and very wearable.

Plus at the moment, they offer free Christmas gift wrapping with guaranteed Christmas delivery. Standard shipping is also free.

I received the Native women’s watch in rose gold with a white dial. The face is 36mm which is quite standard for a women’s watch. The straps are rose gold mesh and interchangeable. That is why I also received a pair of white leather stripes. Upon ordering, customers can change the color of the dial to white, black or blue.

I received the watch into a very elegant square blue box that nicely displayed the watch, extra straps, instructions in a small paper envelop and tool to adjust the buckle. The box opens like a drawer. Lucky me, the buckle was already placed perfectly for my wrist size.

Again, as I worked for a watch brand, I am used to that sort of buckle. But I would get why other people may not know straight away how to adjust it. That is where the instructions come in handy I guess.

As far as the watch is concerned, I find it super wearable and easy to put on. Rose gold goes with a lot of other shades so it is not a problem to style it. The buckle is easy to close and the straps easy to change. The strings within are very easy to remove. And I know because I did it in the middle of the street during a photoshoot!

Of course I have had the watch for just a few weeks now so I cannot tell about its lifespan. Watches such as these have a two years warranty. As of now, I am quite happy with my watch and think it would make a great Christmas gift or birthday present! You can always enjoy a sale or a discounted bundle as well!

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Do you often wear a watch? Have you heard of Nordgreen before? What do you think of the brand?  And the Native watch?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

*Gifted item.


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