Oh Molly Dress: Two Princess Dresses And A Review*

Oh Molly Dress: Two Princess Dresses

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love twirling in princess dresses. And also maybe that this hobby is quite… expensive, we can say that. Selkie or Fanciful Doll dresses are great and all, but their cost is also on the higher end of the range, and that’s not accessible for everyone. Thankfully, Oh Molly Dress solves that problem. And so when they contacted me to try on some of their dresses, I had to say yes!

First thing first, let’s start with a bit of background about Oh Molly Dress.

The brand was founded in 2021 by a woman called Molly, hence the name Oh Molly Dress. The launch is therefore fairly recent. However, the company is well on its way to fulfill its mission: provide customers with high quality dresses, at an affordable price, with speedy delivery and great customer service. You can find the brand on Instagram and Pinterest.

So, how do they fare with said dresses? The brand sent me two dresses, so let’s take a look, shall we?!

Blue Stars and Sequin A-line Short Dress

When I saw this beautiful tulle dress on the Oh Molly Dress site, I had to have it. I instantly loved the design and the structure of the bustier. The fabric is also super pretty with all the silver stars, and I love how fluffy the skirt looked. Perfect for twirling and swooshing that’s for sure.

The bustier is reinforced and fully lined at the breast. I don’t specifically like it when the chest is see-through and everyone can see my bra, so having those extra layers of fabric is fantastic. Same for the skirt. It has a think layer of fabric, which makes the skirt fully lined, as well as three layers of starry tulle. To conclude on that aspect, the dress is very well structured, and sturdy, and fully lined.

It closes in the back with a zip on the skirt, and a corset bodice style lace. One thing I have to say is that it may be tricky to lace up on your own. I did struggle and needed the help of my husband when trying the dress on for the first time, and then that of my photographer during our photoshoot. The back is beautiful and I do love the style, but be ready to ask for help in order to tie it up.

Overall, I love the A-style silhouette of this dress, and I think the quality is great. Compared to much more expensive other dresses, this Oh Molly Dress definitely holds its own. The price ($142) is fair for what you get and the dress can be worn for many occasions. If needed, you can even have it tailor made to your measurements for an additional fee. I got a size US 10, and it was a bit too wide but still very comfortable.

You can get 15% off your order with code Marie.

Oh Molly Dress: Two Princess Dresses affordable prom gown affordable princess dress

Floral Corset A-line Princess Dress

I don’t think there is a dress that is more synonym to Cottagecore than this beautiful floral dress. It comes in green, lavender and blue; but it is the green version that I went for. This dress is similar in structure to the one above. The main difference, besides the fabric and color, is the style of the bodice. This dress closes with a zip at the back, which is much more convenient I have to say.

Here too, the breast area is fully lined and therefore not see-through. The skirt dons a thick under skirt of green fabric, and three tulle layers, for a very fluffy effect. As a result, it is fully lined and you’re not in danger of showing your underwear to anyone. The floral embroidery all over the bustier and skirt are beautiful although a bit abstract. Still very pretty though.

Because the straps tie up, they are also adjustable. Similar to the starry dress above, you can request the dress be made to your own measurement for an added fee. I got a size US 10 here too. I will say that here too the $92 price tag is fair. The dress does feel amazing on and very nice quality. Sometimes tulle can be itchy and rough on dresses, but not here so it’s really a pleasure to wear the dress. It’s perfect for summer festival or going strawberry picking.

I definitely recommend. You can get 15% off your order with code Marie.

affordable prom gown oh molly dress affordable prom gown

Conclusion on Oh Molly Dress

To conclude, I think both dresses are worth their price tag. The quality is pretty good and compared to other brands with similar designs and quality at a much higher price, Oh Molly Dress definitely holds it own and is a great alternative. As advised on the brand’s website, both dresses should be hand-wash, which is not something everyone finds convenient, but I assume that washing on cold could work to?

The only thing right now that may make me hesitate is the high cost of shipping. $19.99 feels like a lot of money for shipping when so many other brands are either not charging for it, or charging a much lower fee. But again, considering Oh Molly Dress are less pricey that your usual princess dresses, even with the shipping fee added, you’re still saving quite a bit of money.

And remember, you can get 15% off your order with code Marie.

So, what do you think of both dresses? Had you heard of Oh Molly Dress before? Which dress is your favorite? What brand do you usually go to for princess dresses?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

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*Gifted items. All opinions are my own.



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