New Year’s Eve Dinner at Le Train Bleu in Paris

Le Train Bleu in Paris

In 2023, for the first time since 2019, we celebrated New Year’s Eve outside of the United States. In fact, we decided to book ourselves a romantic getaway weekend in Paris. Since 2023 was also the year we left New York City permanently, we went big on welcoming the year 2024 and booked our New Year’s Eve Dinner at the infamous Le Train Bleu in Paris.

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Le Train Bleu in Paris

Le Train Bleu is an upscale restaurant, that also doubles into a historic landmark, located on the first floor of Parisian train station Gare de Lyon. The funny thing is that I have taken many trains from and to Gare de Lyon. Yet, I never ever suspected that such a beautiful venue was located there too. In fact, it is Instagram (of course), which recently and repetitively, introduce me to this gorgeous location!

The venue

First thing first, a bit of history about the restaurant. Le Train Bleu was not always known under that name. When it was built in 1900, for the World Fair, and then inaugurated in 1901, it was called Le Buffet de la Gare. The architect who designed the clock tower and façade of Gare de Lyon, also designed the restaurant. The objective? Offering travelers a gustative stop on their journey in a luxurious, yet modern and mystic setting.

Then, in 1963, Le Buffet de la Gare becomes Le Train Bleu. It wass an hommage to the Paris-Vintimille train line that served coastal cities of the Côte d’Azur, or Côte Bleue. Since then, the restaurant is classified a historical landmark, has seen tons of celebrities and been featured in the few movies. All in all, it is basically an escapade to the Belle Epoque!

I had seen that venue on social media a few times, but the content could never really do the place justice. You have to see it in person to fully grasp its beauty. And it is absolutely stunning. The ceiling and walls, with over 700 meter square and 50 paintings (if I got that right), the gilding and chandeliers, the molding and woodwork, everything is beautiful. Despite being located in a train station, a meal at Le Train Bleu is truly magical and you feel transported to another era.

Le Train Bleu in Paris le train bleu in paris Le Train Bleu in Paris

The menu

In general, the price of individual meal items are pretty high. However, Le Train Bleu also offers prix-fixe two to three course menus which are more reasonable. New Year’s Eve dinner had a special menu, which cost €230 per person (including tax and service). The menu included eight courses as well as a glass of Champagne. On the night, there were walk-ins for the bar. However, New Year’s Eve Dinner required a reservation as well as payment upon booking. Drinks were not included in the menu and came at an additional cost.

The cost may seem a bit steep to some. However, I feel that the beautiful venue, incredible setting and delicious eight course menu, as well as being New Year’s Eve, made it all worth it. We ordered a bottle of still water (€12) as well as a white Corsican wine (€55) to go with our dinner. Altogether, a New Year’s Eve Dinner for two at Le Train Bleu was about €530. It was a fantastic way to celebrate New Year’s Eve but definitely a once in a lifetime kind of experience. I may go back but for a drink at the bar or a regular lunch.

I am no professional food critique or anything like that so it can be difficult to fully express my feelings and opinion about restaurants and food. However, I did think that every single item on the menu was sensational. There was never anything overpowering, everything was smooth and delightful. It was a lot of food in the end but the number of courses and food quantity beautifully balanced that out. In any case, if you were curious about what we ate on the night, you can see below each course we had, in both French and English:

Réveillon du Nouvel An (French) New Year’s Eve Dinner (English)

Coupe de champagne Collet et sa mise en bouche : Cromesquis de langoustine.

Artichaut et truffe.

Noix de Saint-jacques, céleri, pomme et algue.

Gin, poire et shiso.

Pithiviers de pigeon, foie gras de canard et truffe noire, sauce poivrade.

Sélection de fromages affinés de nos régions.

Nage de fruits exotiques.

Chocolat, orange et Grand Marnier.


Glass of champagne and appetizer : Scampi cromesquis.

Artichoke and black truffle.

Cushions of scallops, celeriac, apple and seaweeds.

Gin, pear and shiso.

Pigeon pie, duck foie gras and black truffle, pepper sauce.

Selection of local matured cheeses.

Exotic fruit salad.

Chocolate, orange and Grand Marnier.


In conclusion

Le Train Bleu also had a jazz quartet which was great for the vibe and so appropriate for the evening. We had a delightful evening and a fantastic New Year’s Eve Dinner. The venue is incredible and the setting stunning. The price is honestly fair, the service is impeccable and the food was delicious. If you’re looking to celebrate and create great memories, I definitely recommend choosing Le Train Bleu. If you’re just passing through the train station, go have a look and a drink at the bar, you will not regret it!

Le Train Bleu in Paris le train bleu New Year's Eve Dinner in Paris New Year's Eve Dinner at Le Train Bleu in Paris

Have you ever heard of or been to Le Train Bleu before? If you’ve been, how did you find it? What occasion were you there for? If you have not been yet, is it on your bucket list?

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