My London Autumn Lookbook 2019

Some of you may already know… I was in London for a week in October. We were invited to a wedding in Scotland, used the occasion to see family in Germany and stay some days in the capital. After my husband flew back to the US for a conference, I stayed with Ana for the remaining of my stay. While she was at work, of course, I made the most of my time to create content. And put together a little London Autumn Lookbook.

I have to admit, I did miss London a lot. For my friends still there, the city itself, the shopping scene, the Harry Potter fandom scene (some content on that coming up soon!) but also… for the floral displays. Winter, spring, summer or autumn, London never disappoints when it comes to Instagrammable displays and photo opportunities. 

So of course, again, I made the most of all the gorgeous displays while I was there. I shot sixteen different outfits. A few things I had brought with me from the US, a few other things were sent by brands I work with on a monthly basis, and some other things, I bought while there. I even had to purchase a suitcase and pay for an extra luggage on the plane!

But I got gorgeous photos and more than a month worth of Instagram content, so it was all worth it! And now, without further ado, let’s get into this little London Autumn Lookbook!

1. Orange Is The New Black

I love bright colors. They just pop and bring joy. To me at least. And just in general, they bring some cheer on a gloomy day. Especially in winter when everybody is wearing black, grey or maroon. Even in Autumn actually. Foliage and trees might be yellow, red and orange, people still wear dark colors. I guess they help keep you warm. 

Although I already gave in to yellow and red in previous posts with previous outfits, I am not sure the same happened with orange. I mean, until now. Because Shein sent me this gorgeous orange wrap dress, and even though it is way shorter than I expected, I still quite like the design! It would have needed some ironing but oh well, maybe next time!

Accessories-wise, you can never go wrong with a black bag and a black pair of shoes. Sandals here, just because I thought they were super pretty! The bag has a little Chanel vibe and is so big, I could fit in so much of my things! Something to keep in mind for later! I finished the look with a long camel coat. I usually don’t wear coats that are that long. First because I am not so tall so I am always afraid it might look ridiculous on me. Second, just because I never thought I could pull it off. Turns out I can, and I have been wearing a lot ever since! It’s from Primark and it is only £30!

Also, note that it started raining a lot as we were shooting this last outfit. We had outrun the rain till then so good thing it was the last outfit!

London Autumn Lookbook London Autumn Lookbook

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Camel Coat – Primark
Orange Wrap Dress – Shein*
Black Back – Shein*
Sandals – Shein*

2. Yes To The Turtleneck

So this is going to sound very basic to a lot of people but I never wore a turtleneck jumper before this photoshoot. Yes, it is the truth. Why? I don’t know… Maybe because it was considered unfashionable as I grew up? A piece only old people or teachers wear? And when it seemed to be back in fashion, I did not know if it would look good on me.

And then… I saw the Stacey Solomon x Primark collection on Instagram. I spotted this particular turtleneck and… love at first sight! It looked comfy, chunky and the colors were perfect. How well does it go with the faux leather skirt?! Thus, the first thing I did after Philip left London and I finished brunch with Helen? Run into Primark and shop the collection!

The jumper, the skirt, the shoes (which I also find amazing) and the coat are all from that particular collection. And to be honest, if my wallet had been larger, I would have gave into buying way more pieces! I did get more things from Primark in general, mainly in the Harry Potter section (more on this soon).

This outfit is to my opinion perfect for late fall when it gets chilly out there, even more perfect for winter. I love that the coat is a bit oversized, which allows to wear chunky jumpers underneath!

London Autumn Lookbook London Autumn Lookbook

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Camel Coat – Primark
Checkered Turtleneck – Primark
Midi Skirt – Primark
Cross Body Bag – Shein*
Low Boots – Primark

3. Simple Is The New Chic

As much as I love elaborate outfits, with several different pieces, intricate designs and very stylish directions, I also do love something simple from time to time. Actually, most of the time. And very simple pieces can be styled in very bold ways. Maybe not when it comes to this outfit, I must admit, but you can turn boring into interesting quite easily!

Of course a good background with a beautiful autumn display do help an outfit to make it into an autumn lookbook. But beyond that. The simplest red skater dress worn with a leather jacket and over the knee boots do make for something both stylish and comfortable!

The dress is a gift from Romwe and when I picked it, I liked the look of it even though I was a bit afraid if might not make for great outfit photos on Instagram. But you know what?! It is about what you like to wear rather than what people on Instagram might like. Because if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it will show on the photos anyway!

This outfit works at the beginning of fall when it is not too cold outside. In New York City it is perfect at the moment, since temperatures still aren’t below 15°C. In the UK, I would recommend maybe an actual winter coat!

London Autumn Lookbook

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Leather Jacket – Shein*
Red Dress – Romwe*
Knee High Boots – Shein*
Cross Body Bag – Shein*

What is your favorite outfit? Any colors or pieces you like to wear during autumn? What do you think of this autumn lookbook? Have you found some gorgeous autumnal display where you live?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you liked this post!

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Photos by Emily Marven

See you soon,

*Gifted items.


  1. October 28, 2019 / 6:30 am

    Thanks for the post of fashion and lifestyle nice post.

  2. November 4, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    The Stacey Solomon collection looks gorgeous, I love that jumper and the camel coat is gorgeous!
    Such beautiful photos, I wish I’d had time to run into Primark with you!!
    Hels xx

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