How To Create A Gallery Wall With Posterstore*

How To Create A Gallery Wall With Posterstore

Although we moved into our new Manhattan flat back in December, we are still in the process of improving it. Little steps as they say. The space is very bright, with a gorgeous view of the New York skyline. We kept most pieces of furniture from our previous flat. They were black, green or gold. And as we put everything back together, we noticed that something was missing. Posters up our walls. That’s where Poster store came in. They gifted me prints and frames so that I could create a gallery wall.

Who does not like a white wall? It is perfect for indoor photography, especially nowadays as shooting outside is very tricky. However, to me, our walls felt empty, bare, naked. There was indeed something missing. Our bed space was covered. It is the bed-facing wall that needed something more. Yes, we do live in a studio flat, so everything is in the same room.

And as I started to style my bookish corner, laying it out so that I would have a cool background in my Booktube videos, it was obvious again. The upper level of that large wall was missing something. Some gorgeous prints obviously. As my husband and I furnished and styled our studio, it was now time to create a gallery wall.

How to create a gallery wall

We decided that modern frames and prints would be perfect to do that. Since the strongest shades in our flat are green, gold and black, we needed to stay in tone. We already had some frames hanging above our bed which stuck to that theme. Thus, our new prints and posters from Posterstore had to match those too.

Thankfully, Poster Store has such a large range of frame sizes, styles and colors as well as a wide choice of prints. Thus, the task was not that difficult. And it was actually really fun to both sit down, browse the website and look for posters we liked and would totally see up our walls. Above the couch, we decided to stick with a travel and international mood. After all, we have three New York-themed prints on our wall already. As well as some leaves.

I guess that the Manhattan Brooklyn bridge print above our couch is a recall to the Brooklyn bridge on the opposite wall. We used frame stickers to hang frames up our wall to avoid damaging them.

When it comes to the bookish corner, I wanted something that we would both love looking at, that was super pretty and that would look amazing in the background of my Booktube videos. As a huge fan of Harry Potter, I of course went for a print of the Hogwarts Express and of Hedwig. My husband and I lived and met in Scotland, so the Hogwarts express Scottish highland poster was a nod to our time in Edinburgh.

Since my husband is a scientist, I decided to pick the periodic table of elements and add it to the wall of my bookish corner. Which he now calls my “nerd corner”. He is a nerd too, so offense none-taken. I think it looks great and I have already started filming videos with that background. I love it. The Harry Potter vibe is perfect for my bookish videos and the posters really add some colors to our walls.

I am super happy with the finish result. This gallery wall is making our little flat even cosier and nicer. You too, can create your own gallery wall with Poster Store. Indeed, you can get 35% off posters (not selections or frames) on their website with code “mariec35” (valid until June 2nd, 2020, 11.59pm).

How To Create A Gallery Wall With Posterstore How To Create A Gallery Wall With Posterstore How To Create A Gallery Wall With Posterstore

Remember, you can get 35% off posters (not frames nor selection) on Poster Store with code “mariec35” (valid until June 2nd 11.59pm).

What do you think of the posters up on our walls? How would you create a gallery wall? Would you make it big or just hang a couple of frames? What is your favorite print in this post? Have you shopped on Poster Store before?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

*This blog is a collaboration with Posterstore, which gifted the frames and prints.


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  1. May 31, 2020 / 1:18 pm

    I love your gallery wall! There’s so many out there that I’ve seen on social media and they look so beautiful. I don’t have a gallery wall per se, just movie artwork, photographs and animation cels everywhere haha.

    Quinn x

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