My Favorite Foodie Places In Edinburgh*

Foodie places in Edinburgh

Some of my favorite foodie places are in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is like home. Do you know that feeling? It does not matter if you no longer live there. It still feels like home. And you are always happy to go back. That’s how I feel about Edinburgh. I lived there for a year for my master’s, spent quite a few weekends up there afterwards, even got married there. And I love this city more every time I visit!

Good news is, I am back in Edinburgh in October for a wedding. So of course, I am gonna revisit my favorite places (i.e. Harry Potter stuff) but also my favorite foodie places! Because there are a few. It is like a pilgrimage at this point. Some accept walk in, but some others are so popular that you better book before you come. And BookATable is the perfect tool for that!

St Andrew Square & New Town

1. The Ivy On The Square

Any Londoners around here? The Ivy is quite the institution in the capital, isn’t it? Those gorgeous floral displays, those delicious pancakes, and those branches anywhere you need them? If you travel to Edinburgh and want to find familiar grounds, the Ivy also has a branch in the city, on Saint Andrew Square. My favorite dish? Their buttermilk pancakes!

2. Dishoom

Second of my favorite foodie places. Dishoom isn’t one who needs introduction. The brand may have venues in London and Manchester, it is in Edinburgh that it was founded! And it is one of my favorite restaurants up there and also in London! They do Indian food. For breakfast, for brunch, for lunch, for dinner… for any time of the day really! And everything is so delicious! Especially the cocktails!

3. Urban Angel

Residents of Edinburgh will know about this one. It has a different vibes than the other two but is very enjoyable nonetheless. Serving food all day, it has this hipstery vibe and is perfect for a quick bite! Avocato on toast, Acai bowl, egg Benedict and even an afternoon tea! The location is very popular so you better book or get up very early!

Foodie places in Edinburgh

George IV & Old Town

4. The Outsider

I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first time at the Outsider. Or my second time there for that matter. Introduction to the in-laws and wedding dinner. You get it, two memorable experiences! It is on George IV and has a very varied menu. Meat, seafood and vegetarian options, you will find something that you like. The wine menu is also of the impressive kind! 

5. Ting Thai Caravan

Are you a student in Edinburgh? Having classes on George Square? You’ll know about Ting Thai! It is a Thai restaurant that is rather small but had the most delicious food ever! Sure, you have to get there pretty early if you don’t want to wait too long before being seated, but you will not regret the efforts! Pad Thai is my favorite, and every time I go to Edinburgh, I visit the place! It’s on Teviot Place, you can’t miss it!

6. Tower Restaurant

Back when I did my master’s degree in Edinburgh, I also got myself an internship. Upon receiving my first pay, I treated my then-boyfriend now-husband to dinner at Tower Restaurant. Any idea where it is? Maybe not. As it is hidden on top of the National Museum! It is more pricey than the other options in this blog post but has an amazing view of the city and serves delicious seafood-based dishes! I still remember the risotto I had!


7. Akva

I remember that time I went to Akva. The place was invaded with families and toddlers. Akva is a Swedish restaurant and offers a canal side beer garden and a lively vibe. It is family friendly, you can sit outside by the canal, order some very healthy and delicious food, and again, it is quite popular. Thus, you might want to book beforehand. My husband took me there back then, the morning after my birthday. 

8. Loudons

Ah, Loudons. One of my favorites. Not so much for the venue itself, but for the food. Oh the food! Every time I go to Edinburgh, I make it there for at least one brunch. It is another very popular venue. You either need a reservation or amazing timing! Their menue is rather big and will suit any taste. I always go for the pancakes. They are the fluffiest and also so filling! Their Scottish breakfast isn’t bad either, believe me!

Foodie places in Edinburgh

Wether you are from Edinburgh, live or study there, or will just be visiting this incredible city, you now have some lunch places to go to! There is something for every taste and budget, and all eight have been thoroughly vetting by me. I tried them all and I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Edinburgh has a lot of many other great foodie places such as Elephant House (birth place of Harry Potter as the legend says), Kilimanjaro Coffee, Vittoria On The Bridge, etc. 

Are you planning on visiting Edinburgh soon? Have you already been? Did you know of those places? Have you tried any? Which one was your favorite? Any other recommendations you may have? What are your favorite foodie places in Edinburgh?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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  1. Kayleigh Zara
    September 16, 2019 / 5:19 pm

    These all sound amazing if I’m honest! I haven’t visited Edinburgh in a really long time but these would all be amazing to visit if I do ever get the chance x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

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