Santa’s Little Helper or Elf Queen: Christmas with Oh Molly Dress

Christmas with Oh Molly Dress

Christmas is just a week away, and while it may think like it, it is never too late to find your holiday party outfit. Or a stunning dress to celebrate the new year. If you don’t know where to look, don’t worry, Oh Molly Dress got you! While I previously mentioned their summer styles on this blog, today, let’s give them a little winter shout out!

Little disclaimer, I was gifted both dresses featured in this blog post. If you’re interested, you can check out the unboxing and try on video I did on Instagram. Remember, you can also get 15% off the Oh Molly Dress site with my discount code Marie.

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Also, I feel it is worth mentioning it because I am proud of the results, but those photos are my first attempt at self-photography in a while. My camera on a tripod and using my phone as remote, all the photos in this blog post are the results of a little self-photoshoot in my parent’s garden, trying to find different angles and locations for variety! I love how they came out!

Dressed in red like Santa’s Little Helpers

I love wearing bright colors. They are my go-to, regardless of the season. But ultimately, there are two times of year where red is the most in fashion: Valentine’s Day and Christmas. And so, comes the season, I double down on the reds – whether bright or dark. Who care if a green accessory will make me look like a Christmas tree? ‘Tis the season after all!

And so when I saw this gorgeous red tulle fluffy mini dress on the Oh Molly Dress site, I had to get it! It comes in different colors: black, blue and pink in addition to red; and sports beautiful long puffy see-through sleeves made of sparkling tulle. The sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulders for a more romantic and whimsical style if you’d like.

I feel the dress frames my body really well as the bustier is very well structured and strong. It closes with a simple zip in the back so it is super simple to put on. Plus, enormous bonus and something that I am now starting to make a muse, is that the skirt is fully lined! Not only does it brings more volume and puff, but it also ensures that nobody can see what goes on underneath.

The tulle is adorned with stars and sequins so you may want to be careful when washing it. But beyond that, I absolutely adore this dress! It is so cute and so versatile as it looks great with high heels, flats and even rain boots! I do love the contrast between the dress and rain boots I have to say! If you’re not into mini dresses, know that is also comes in a midi length!

Christmas with Oh Molly Dress Christmas dress idea Santa's Little Helper or Elf Queen: Christmas with Oh Molly Dress

Dolled up and fierce like the Elf Queen

There is nothing that brings more pleasure than putting on a beautiful gown and twirling like a princess in my living room. Does the room leave that safety of that little enclosed space? No. Do I ever have the opportunity to actually wear it? Not really. I don’t go to that many weddings and there’s no prom at my age. But oh boy do I like putting on beautiful dresses.

I am never missing the opportunity to dress up like a princess, this time, it is the Elf Queen that I conjures up with this gorgeous embroidered gown. While I choose it in green, it also comes in black, white, blue, and purple. The gown is floor length and dons multiple layers of green embroidered tulle for a garden-inspired look. Due to all the layers, it is of course fully lined!

The puffy long sleeves are see-through and also embroidered, and are worn off the shoulder. The bodice has a great structure as it is strengthened with boning and has a built-in bra. While I love not having to put on a bra, built-in bras don’t work. Since there is no control over size, you can’t guarantee that it will actually fit at your breast. Case in point, it is slightly too big for me.

This Oh Molly Dress closes with a zip at the back and a bra strap. It also requires care during washing so you may want to hand wash it. All in all, it is a beautiful dress and I am obsessed. Due to its length, high heels definitely work better than any other kind of shoes. Except if you’re tall enough of course! Perfect for a party or a fairy photoshoot!

oh molly dress oh molly dress

What do you think of those too Oh Molly Dresses? Which one is your favorite? Have you ever ordered a dress from them before? Do you already have a Christmas party outfit?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

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