Welcome To My Baking Folder

This folder includes all my content that is about baking, recipes, food or drink. As a food and pastries lover, I spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. Although I much prefer baking to cooking, there sometimes is an overlap with both. As far as I can remember, I have always been baking, mostly chocolate cakes. For a very long time baking was very intimidating to me because of all those lengthy difficult recipes.

I remember sitting down with a pen and a notebook. I’d go through long recipes, break them down, try to grasp their complexity. In the end, it would stir a lot of frustration. Quickly, the desire for baking would turn into despair at the complexity of the recipe. That is why I decided to get more seriously into baking and to feature recipes on this blog. I want to make baking fun and straightforward with fast and easy recipes. Some recipes will be 100% mine. Some others are from my mom or grandmother. And some others are recipes I found online, that I tried and tested and skimmed through to make easier and more straightforward.

Baking for beginners

You will not find on this blog very lengthy recipe posts where three quarters of the content talks about the recipe, its back story, the link to my life, etc. Even though it may not be as good for SEO, the recipes will be short and sweet, kept to the point. An introductory paragraph, maybe a second paragraph if I have more to say and then straight into the recipe. Each blogĀ  post will thus have two parts: the ingredients and the method, along with photos to show you the end result.

As a massive fan of Harry Potter, I do bake Harry Potter-inspired cakes and other pastries. I try to make it easier for you to replicate foods seen in this iconic saga. Of course, I also delve into other delicious baked goods such as pies, macarons and other cakes. I hope you will find this baking folder and those recipes helpful and that they will inspire you to bake more often!

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