Brunch at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

brunch at magic hour rooftop

One great thing about New York City, is that there is always something going on, always something new to try. That city is so big, you can never run out of activities and things to do. In addition, with all the high rise buildings and skyscrapers, you can combine some incredible dining experiences with amazing views. While Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge gets all the views, the cocktails are great and the venue is the cutest.

Magic Hour is located on the rooftop of Moxy Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. I am a fan of the Moxy brand. When in London, I did work with them on marketing activations for my previous employer, and I have stayed at their hotels in London and San Diego. Always a great stay. In New York City, they work with the Tao Group to create incredible bar and dining experiences. The Ready Rooftop Bar with their $5 margaritas and $1 tacos is one example.

Magic Hour is another one, which I have experienced three times now. Yes, the Instagrammable factor is what sold me. No shame in admitting it. The carousel makes for a super cute experience and you will snap some very pretty Insta-worthy shots for sure. The concept is great and perfect in this social media day and age.

The first two times I went there, we sat on the carousel. The first time was in the summer while the second time was back in February 2023. The decoration changes to reflect the season. The third time was as part of a Barbie day, before I went to see the movie with a friend. There, the whole decorations had totally changed. The carousel went from a floral wonder to a sleek black and minimalist, while the other side of the rooftop became the Pink Bunny Beach, their summer pop-up.

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Scroll down to see the photos and you will get what I mean. Neons and flowers everywhere as well as pink bunnies and other animals; and beach chairs, balloons and other equipment. Plus, a doll box looking suspiciously similar to a Barbie box.

I have to say that although the cocktails are super creative and delicious, they are a bit on the pricier side. The food is also very cute and looks perfect in picture. However, I did not find the dishes spectacular or anything. The food was decent but had I not been on the specific rooftop, I would probably have not felt like it was worth it. At Magic Hour, you mostly pay for the Instagrammable experience rather than the quality of the food.

The staff is overall on point and very helpful, although there has been instances of rudeness. This does not really impact my overall opinion of Magic Hour. Everybody may have a bad day and working in service is very tough. Should you go and does not have a US state ID, make sure you have a passport with you or they won’t let you in.

If you plan on getting the famous pink pancake stack with cotton candy, make sure you have a group of at least three people to make sure you can actually finish the plate. And, this will make the cost per person lower and therefore the price more worth it in my opinion. We had the stack of pancakes for two people and could not finish it. Same advice if you wish to get that giant croissant.

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My favorite cocktails were the Malibu Bunny Beach (in the women body shaped glass), Moira Rose and Berry Bubbly. All very delicious and super refreshing in the summer. So yes, it is a very cute and Instagrammable venue. Magic Hour is perfect for a brunch with your girl friends and you will have a good time. And if that’s what you’re looking for, it will be 100% worth it.

Magic Hour gets booked out pretty fast so I would advise to book ahead of time. Last time I went, I booked two weeks in advance and there was only one time slot available on one day, so be warned.

brunch at magic hour rooftop pink bunny beach brunch at magic hour rooftop pink bunny beach pink bunny beach pink bunny beach brunch at magic hour rooftop

Have you been to Magic Hour before? Or heard of it maybe? You may have seen some reels going round on Instagram. What do you think of the decorations? And the drinks?

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    October 21, 2023 / 6:52 pm

    I spend my bday there but I paid for the crussont
    And never received it

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