Afternoon Tea at Anntremet Cake

Afternoon Tea at Anntremet Cake

What’s the best thing about social media channels like Instagram or TikTok? They are now their very own little search engines and recommendation platforms. As a matter of fact, millennials and Gen Z even favor TikTok over Google for search. And that is precisely how I found out about Anntremet Cake. It all started with my search for the best afternoon teas in New York City. At the same time, a few of my friends were sending me the same videos of the place…

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As a result, I finally booked an afternoon tea for two and went with a friend. Alright, the convincing argument was really that super adorable bunny-shaped mousse cake. I just could not resist. Know that Anntremet Cake is first a foremost a bakery. While they do have some seating space and a few tables, it is very small and therefore, always booked. You may have to book quite in advance in order to secure a table on the weekend.

My friend and I went on a Friday but I still had to book a month in advance as weekends were all completely booked. Another thing of note is that again, since it is primarily a bakery, they do not have a bathroom. However, there is a public restroom right outside so worst comes to worst, you have somewhere to go.

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But enough about the logistics. Let’s move onto what really matters: the afternoon tea itself! It comes on a 3-tiered cake stand that holds a mix of savories, sweets and pastries. It comes with an additional three mousse cakes and guests can choose any that is available at any given time. The bunny mousse cake is an extra $5 due to demand, or $2.50 per person, but that’s worth it! Of course, you also get tea.

The afternoon at AnntTemet Cake has some classics such as finger sandwiches and scones. It also has a few savory cakes, which brings something different to the table. I am not super used to savory cakes and so it was a very pleasant surprise. As it turns out, I happen to really like savory cakes. Plus, they were delicious and so flavorful!

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Everything was absolutely delicious, the pastries most of all. The little bunny mousse cake tasted of cheesecake – which was interesting and unexpected. But very good. Obviously the mousse cakes were my favorites. Well, at least the two I got to eat – the bunny and lychee one. Yes, because there was quite a lot of food and I was full pretty fast. Good thing that you can ask for a to-go bag and take leftovers home.

To be honest, the price to value is great. There is a very good quantity of food and the quality really is there. The price is absolutely justified. It is one of the most affordable afternoon teas I had in New York City and I definitely recommend it. The tricky part may be to get a table to start with but you’ll leave full and satisfied. If you feel like taking a taste of AnnTremet home, you can buy some additional pastries before leaving!

Afternoon Tea at Anntremet Cake Afternoon Tea at Anntremet Cake savory cakes scone and bakes bunny mousse cake

Have you heard of AnnTremet Cake before? If so, have you been and what did you think? Have you tried their afternoon tea or only pastries?

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