Afternoon Tea at Alice’s Tea Cup

Afternoon Tea at Alice's Tea Cup

Going for afternoon tea is one of my favorite hobbies. I love the concept and it is always so much fun with friends and family. Seeing the different interpretations from one place to another is great. I remember when I landed in New York City, I research tea houses and one that popped up immediately was Alice’s Tea Cup. It looked very cute and totally up my alley. However, it is only now, basically four years later, that I managed to try it out.

Why? Simply because spontaneity and small restaurants don’t usually go well together. The place was simply fully booked or not operating, i.e. during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. But, as a friend was looking for a place to celebrate her birthday, I suggested Alice’s Tea Cup, and that’s were we went.

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Because we were such a big group, we had to make a special reservation. As a result, I believe the menu we could pick from was slightly different and so were the prices. With the Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea, for $60 per person, we got:

  • Assorted scones with preserves and cream: unsweetened buttermilk, ham and cheese, pumpkin with caramel, chocolate scone of the day, vegan scone of the day.
  • Tea sandwiches: curried chicken salad, tea-egg salad, hummus and tomato, cucumber & watercress, lapsang smoked chicken and goat cheese, ham and gruyere, smoked salmon.
  • Desserts: chocolate mousse, mocha cakes and assorted macarons.
  • Unlimited tea and coffee.

For an additional $35 per person, we made it a tipsy tea to get bottomless cocktails, wine and Prosecco. 

I personally did not get to try every single item on the menu, simply because there were so many of us. However, I did enjoy what I got very much. The sandwiches were very nice, especially cucumber and watercress as well as tea-egg salad. I got a chocolate scone which I thought was a bit dry but still tasted good with cream. When it comes to the desserts, I had some macarons, which were very nice.

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The different teas were fantastic! And the peach bellini and mango mimosas were great too! Having bottomless tea and cocktail is always such a nice thing I have to say. Now was it worth an additional $35? I would say yes. Considering one cocktail is $14 and I had about five, then yes, it is worth it. Would I have gotten that menu cocktails if I had to pay $14 for each? Probably not! Do make sure you alternate between tea and cocktails though. It’s always safer.

I think the food was really nice, and I really enjoyed the variety of options for each tier. Sure, I was not able to try every single thing but it is still nice to have the options. The staff was on point, super nice and ready to help. There was never a glass empty and refills kept on coming. The venue was super cute as well, conveniently located and easily accessible with public transit. I loved all the Alice in Wonderland inspired decorations. It is one of my favorite novel and movie. So whimsical.

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Overall, I had a great time, and I think the whole group had a great time. The venue was super accommodating with any allergies or request. I do recommend if you want a cute afternoon tea. I know Alice’s Tea Cup has two menus for adults:

The Madd Hatter The Jabberwocky
  • Tea For Two – $77

I guess it depends how hungry you are. I personally do not think I need unlimited scones and sandwiches. I was quite full after half a chocolate scones and a few sandwiches. But if you’re that famished, then yes, go unlimited for sure! It’s a cute place, and I think it’s reasonably priced so you should check it out!

If you want to see more of everything, check out this Instagram video of my time at Alice’s Tea Cup.

high tea high tea Afternoon Tea at Alice's Tea Cup Afternoon Tea at Alice's Tea Cup

What do you think of Alice’s Tea Cup? Have you been? Or even heard of this cute tea house? Is it on your radar now?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post!

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  1. September 11, 2023 / 4:34 am

    Hi Corrine would love to try afternoon tea at London & martin, it’s funny that I’ve just purchased a tea cup and saucer, Alice in Wonderland,from Amazon it feels like it’s head line news,it’s my mother’s day treat afternoon tea with my family xxxxxx

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