5 Summer Dresses With Shein*

5 Summer Dresses With Shein

Spring is in full swing, and even if you are still all staying home, that won’t stop summer from coming. And with it the sun, the warmth and all those super cute summer dresses that we love wearing. There was a time, winter was my favorite season. Because of skiing mostly as well as the leading up to Christmas. Now, I can guarantee summer is my favorite season. 

Simply because in summer you can be outside (maybe not nowadays though) without being cold. No need for a huge coat or puffy jacket. Wave goodbye to beanies and scarves. You can walk outside in your summer dresses and still be warm. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. And how good does that feel?!

In summer, you can enjoy the outdoors more. For example, you can sit in a beer garden, enjoy a glass and a bit of wind. You may wander late at night in the streets and still not be shivering. In New York City at least, where even summer dresses may seem too much as temperatures can peak as high as 40°C.

5 Summer Dresses With Shein*

I remember last year back in May when I had just moved to New York City. Compared to London and its gloomy weather or even Edinburgh and its one day of summer, New York felt like Corsica in the mid of summer. In other words, an absolute dream and perfect to show off all your summer dresses. Until you get to very warm and humid days that are a bit too much and always lead to a thunderstorm in the evening.

But enough with the complaining. Last summer was an absolute blast and lasted for almost six months. Which to be honest, I really enjoyed. All the walks in the city we took, the meals we had on the terrasse and the refreshing cocktails we sipped. Not forgetting that I had never worn as many summer dresses as I did last year. Man, it was just too hot to wear anything else.

A Summer Lookbook With Shein

Once again, this summer lookbook is in collaboration with Shein, which sent me all five summer dresses featured below. I have been working with them for two years now. As always, they gave me a 15% off discount code to use on their website, also valid on sales items: 2tea15.

1. Yellow is the new black

Of all the summer dresses featured here, this one is the simplest and most basic one. Sure, you are probably used to me wearing florals and other intricate prints. In normal times, I do. This one caught my eyes because of the puff sleeves. Who does not like puff sleeves on summer dresses?! I had to get it! Puff sleeves are super pretty, they give volume to a dress and can really give it a complete new vibe!

5 Summer Dresses With Shein 5 Summer Dresses With Shein

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2. Over the floral rainbow

Right, so we are back with florals it seems. I do wear colorful summer dresses and other outfits. However, this one is one step above my station. Usually, the dresses I wear are within the same hue of one color. For exemple, a pink dress with a pink floral print. This one however is full on rainbow but that is what caught my eyes! Bonus point, the fabric around the cleavage is not see-through and really covers the breast!

5 Summer Dresses With Shein 5 Summer Dresses With Shein

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3. Over the shoulder forever

Right okay, another very colorful dress. This one, I saw on Katie Couture Lnd‘s instagram and it was love at first sight. Granted it took me some time to find it on Shein but it has quickly becoming an all time favorite. I just love the over the shoulder style! And the print! Of all 5 summer dresses, this one is my favorite!

5 summer dresses with Shein

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4. Sleeves for days

Are we getting back to more basic summer dresses? Maybe. A black dress with a floral print is nothing new. Here again however, it is all about the puff sleeves! That are combined with ruffles. Two birds with just one stone. The shape of this one is a bit different since the skirt starts mid-hips (like in the 20s) but it is super cute nonetheless!

5 summer dresses with shein 5 summer dresses with shein

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5. Almafi Coast fever

Last but not least, one of the cutest summer dresses over here, giving me all the Almafi coast vibes and really making me want to fly to Italy. Or anywhere else really. It has puff sleeves, it has a belt over the hips, it has a very flattering cut. I am obsessed with this design and I can’t wait to wear this dress outdoors once the lockdown lifts!

5 Summer Dresses With Shein 5 Summer Dresses With Shein

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What do you think of those summer dresses? Any caught your eyes? Which one of those summer dresses is your favorite? Do you often shop at Shein? 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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  1. August 28, 2023 / 11:58 am

    Beautiful dresses. Looking very pretty in all these dresses.

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