5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs A Facebook Page

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs A Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page? Or have you ever wondered whether you needed one? After all, these days, it is Instagram that is under the spotlight. Sure, Twitter is still there, strong in the background, and Pinterest is really helpful when it comes to finding content inspiration or bringing traffic to your website. But what about Facebook? 

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs A Facebook Page

I have a Facebook page and I update it once in a while. I do have a few followers there and sometimes, I feel like I am not using this page as I should. But as I looked deeper into what I can get from it, I realized that actually, it is sort of essential for any bloggers and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Content sharing

What would you use a Facebook page for? For the exact same purpose as having a Twitter or Pinterest. Sharing your content and generating traffic to your blog of course! People use different platforms in different ways but will not necessarily follow you everywhere. Thus having an extra place to share your content will allow current subscribers and potential new readers to see content they would not have seen elsewhere, if they are not following you there. Just in general, it is always good to share your content in as many places as possible.

2. Bigger online presence

I guess this second point sort of goes together with the first point. I do think you need to be selective when it comes to the platforms you want to use to share your content and increase your online presence. It is better to focus on just a few and do it right, than deciding to be everywhere but not being able to dedicate time to each platform. Facebook is a great social media to be on. First because it is probably one of the biggest out there. Second because your friends and family are there. Third because with ads and groups, you can reach people far beyond your usual circles that are still interested in the same things as you. Having a Facebook page and growing it is just another way to increase your online presence.

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs A Facebook Page

3. A Facebook page as SEO booster

SEO is essential to any website as it determines how the search algorithm will rank your website. Of course, the higher you rank, the better it is and the more traffic you will get. Bad SEO can get you punished by the Google algorithm. There are multiples ways to improve your SEO. Some things you can do internally: keywords, dead links, SEO audit, etc. Some others require you to see beyond your own website. Domain authority and link building. The higher your domain authority is, the higher you rank. The more people link to your website, the more Google will think you are an expert/influencer/authority in your field and will in turn, rank you higher. Facebook is just another place to create links redirecting to your website. And an easy one. Like any other social media. It might seem like nothing but it still counts! The higher the DA of the website referring you, the better it is for you. And Facebook’s is…95!

4. Constant branding

Sharing your content across the internet and on different platforms allows you to create a consistent brand. Sure, the content will slightly vary to adapt to each platform, but colors, designs, logos and overall branding will remain the same. It will be clearly obvious that all the content comes from the same place. Having a Facebook page allows you to strengthen your brand, share it with your followers, spread the word. It will also expose your followers to branded content multiple times, which will help create an impact and make your brand memorable.

5. Followers insights

The best way to create content that your audience will engage with is knowing your audience. The more you know about their interests and the sort of content they like, the better. You can also of course analyse specific content images to see what works and what does not. Even though Instagram does offer insights, I find the ones that Facebook pages give much more precise and accurate. Especially if you have a business page and have access to the business manager. Audience, content, posts, fans, engagement, actions on page, it is super thorough and helpful to plan future content!

Do you have a Facebook page? How often do you post on there? How do you use it? Do you see traffic and engagement coming from there? Would you recommend having one to new bloggers?

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  1. February 14, 2020 / 8:39 pm

    I’m so glad I found this post because I’ve been thinking about creating a facebook page for my blog and I wasnt sure if it would be worth it. But after reading this I think I will create a page in the next few days!

    Coralle x

  2. March 21, 2020 / 10:53 am

    Love this. I always seem to neglect my Facebook page as a source of promotion but definitely a good way to promote.

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