3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

I don’t know about you but after two months of winter I am already done. This bad weather, those freezing temperatures and darkness after 4pm really are getting on my nerves. I a summer baby. Thus, I am at my happiest during summer. That’s actually not true. I love Christmas and skiing so I still do enjoy winter. Yet,  it is this weird mid-season that we have had where one weekend it is 18°C and then the following week it’s -5°C. Then it’s 12°C, followed by -1°C with some snow. And we are up again. Even though I’d have never thought to consider February, I have to seethe obvious. It is in New York! Thus, here are 3 outfits you can copy this mid-season to survive until spring!

Because the thing with mid-seasons, it that it is hard to know what to wear. Again, with the temperature going up and down,  one day I don’t need tight, the next I’ll need a ski suit. I can’t really find outfit ideas mid-season. The only thing I want is to go as simple as possible: it’s spring with a tee-shirt and if it’s called, I add a jumper. Perfect, quick, convenient. But to a lover of fashion such as myself, not because able to wear my favorite outfits because the weather is playing with us is slightly annoying.

3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

What you have to do is get a bit more creative. Find outfit ideas that can work for winter and spring all at once. Because let’s be honest, the end of winter and the beginning of spring are just the same. The thing with those mid-season outfits is that in end, they may be a bit more elaborate than your classic jean-tee-shirt combo, the principle remains the same. It’s cold, put on the jacket. It’s warm, take off the jacket. As easy as it can get, especially with the 3 outfits ideas I put together for you.

1. Check mate

First thing first. Let’s pick a print. Why not go for check? The print is rather famous, mostly due to Burberry. It is also super stylish and can be styled in a lot of many ways. No matter what, the print is chic. As its cousin, gingham is perfect for spring and summer, check works perfectly in winter! A knit worn under a biker jacket will keep you warm if the weather acts up and will not suffocate you when it is warmer.

Add a little pop of color with a vibrant red bag and you get a mid-season outfit! When it comes to the shoes, I went for over-the-knee boots because they are some of my favorite and they work super well in winter. They work well too at the beginning of spring and make the perfect addition to any mid-season outfits. 

Although this outfit mostly stays in the neutral side of things, I do very much like the combination of beige and white. It makes for a super stylish outfit that works amazingly well as winter meets spring.

3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season 3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

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2. All that leather

Before I start, just so you know, it’s faux leather. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of all time. I love the idea of sheer and faux leather styled together. This is one of my greatest outfit ideas to date (in my opinion) and you can 100% copy it if you fancy. The piece are listed below the photos.

Faux leather actually keeps quite warm. It is probably due to the nature of the fabric itself. Thus, you will not get cold. I believe that slightly warmer temperature will work great with this mid-season outfit too. However, do not wear faux leather trousers in summer. You are gonna cooked in them.

We are actually back for something quite neutral as well. Except this time, it is in the darker side of things. Because black is indeed a neutral, even though it is not often seen as such. Personally, I love the polka-dot sheer top here. And the contrast created by the red bag is just great! That’s the pop of color you need to make things even more interesting. Of all the 3 outfits in this post, I think this one is my favorite!

3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season 3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

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3. Warm color craze

When I think about it, I do wear warm colors much more than a wear colder colors. I lean more in the pink, red and green side of things. Black and. white do get in the mix of course, as you can see below. But I rarely go for blue and purple. Don’t know why. Then, I look at my most recent Instagram photos and do see some blue… Talk about talking too fast!

But anyway. When I look online and browse images, searching for new outfit ideas, I am open to anything. After all, if it works and suits me, then, why not? That’s why, while searching for 3 outfits ideas you can copy this mid-season, and after spotting this blue jumper and this color block skirt, I decided to wear them together. I am exaggerating. Shein suggested the combination on their website and I liked it so much and went for it!

And since I already have a blue leather jacket for a very long time… The only blue item of clothing that I kept for so long and wear so much (except in winter). I then decided to style it up with the outfit. Again wearing those boots because they are gorgeous. They look high but they are not that bad. The platform makes it easier and they are super comfortable!

3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season 3 Outfits You Can Copy This Mid-Season

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That’s it! That’s the end of this post! You now have 3 outfits you can copy this mid-season. Since the weather is acting up so much! What’s your take on them? What do you usually wear when winter is slowly letting spring take over?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you liked this post!

See you soon,

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