3 Super Festive Outfit Ideas

festive outfit ideas

The year ends in a few days, and with it the decade. Can you imagine. I am not gonna lie, I am quite mitigated when it comes to the 2010s. Personal-life and career wise, there were ups and downs but to be honest, I mostly had a blast. I did go onto some crazy adventures. Other events-wise, hum, how to say that…

Brexit. Trump. The 2019 general election. Most of those will make it to history as some of the biggest mistakes humankind ever did. Moving on…

Right now, let’s focus on the most important. A festive outfit for Christmas or New Year. Or both. Because there is nothing wrong with recycling. It is even advised. Yes, you can wear the same outfit twice! Once again, I am working with Shein to bring you some outfit ideas, but this time, festive outfit ideas! Use code 9TEA for 15% off your Shein order!

1. Sequin power forever

I adore sequins. So shiny. And pretty. And hypnotizing. Look at me, sounding like a magpie obsessed with sparkling things. Which I am. Such a shame I don’t get to wear sequins as often as I’d want to. Because it is still associated with partying and festivities. How would it be if I was to turn up to the office in a sequin dress? I mean my boss is quite chilled so he would probably just say “nice dress” and move on. Let’s keep that in mind for the future. I am never one to say no to wearing a red dress, so of course, when I saw this one, I could not resist! And how pretty is it! Even better, styled with some more sequins! Thus, it makes the perfect festive outfit!

festive outfit ideas festive outfit ideas

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Faux leather jacket – Shein
Red sequin dress – Shein
Heels – Shein
Clutch – Shein

2. Head in the stars

Right, that one. That galaxy print dress. You know I love maxi dresses. I mostly wear them in summer. I adore midi skirt too. But midi dresses? I do not wear them that often. If ever. Can you imagine if it has a high neck line too?! Thus, it is not necessarily my style. I don’t know what took hold of me when I saw it though. I had my doubts. What were the chances I could pull it off. Unknown. But you know, it’s the end of the year and of the decade so why not doing “something crazy”? Emphasis on the quotation marks. And sure it is not my usual style but I think the print is super festive. Golden stars and galaxy for the perfect festive outfit!

festive outfit ideas festive outfit ideas

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Faux leather jacker – Shein*
Starry midi dress – Shein*
Platform boots – Shein*
Beaded bag – Zara

3. The perfect dupe

Remember last year when Giambattista Valli launched his collection in collaboration with H&M. What a stir! Don’t get me wrong. The dresses were gorgeous. But one, they were very unaffordable. Too, they sold out in a few hours. So that was that. Bless the actual high street for giving us the opportunity to parade in the perfect dupe for one of those dresses. I saw Hello Miss Jordan in the original and was like “wow”. Then I spotted the dupe on Shein but told myself not to. Finally, it is seeing Katie Couture LDN wearing it that made me do it. So I caved. How happy I am I did! Sure, it is a monster of tulle and fluff but OMG how pretty is it! Beside New Year’s Eve (and even then), I don’t really know when I’ll be able to wear the dress but you can bet you’ll see it often on Instagram! The most festive of all festive outfits!

festive outfit ideas festive outfit ideas

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Military jacket – Boohoo
Tulle bustier dress – Shein*
Platform boots – Shein*
Clutch – Shein*

Have you found your festive outfit yet? Do you usually wear the same outfits as usual on Christmas? Do you wear something shinier on New Year’s Eve? What do you think of those festive outfits?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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