24 Hours In My Life

24 hours

We are living our lives and we are busy all the time. Work, friends, gym, kids, blogging, etc. Sometimes our days are full of fun things. Some other days are not. We share quite a bit of these lives on social media. Usually the best part. Sometimes the not so happy one too. Because no one is impermeable to everything. Sharing and talking also helps to feel better! But we rarely show the little and mundane things of our lives. What we actually do of our days. So I thought I’d share with you one of my typical week days.

You’re in for a treat.

Be ready for 24 hours in my life! Yeah!

8:00 – My alarm rings. Time to wakeup. Surprisingly, and no matter how tired I might be, I never hit snooze and I always get up straight away. Heading over to the bathroom for a shower.

8:10 – I am out of the shower. I brush my teeth and apply some micellar water to my skin. That’s pretty much my skincare routine. Back in my room, I dress up and pack my things.

8:20 – I am ready to leave. I go to the kitchen, grab lunch and head out. Often, I stop at the shop on my way to get some breakfast that I’ll eat in the office. Sometimes I also get lunch because I was just too lazy to prepare it the night before. Quite often actually. And because I am also super lazy when it comes to choosing between the thousand alternatives at the Tesco, I often go for a soup!

8:25 – Waiting at Crossharbour for the DLR. If I am lucky, the first train goes to Bank, is not too crowded and I get in at the first attempt. If I am not lucky, it goes to Stratford or is super full. In the later case, I am late for work. Same when I get off at Shadwell to take the overground. Whether I wait for a train or not. It is all a question of timing. Maybe I should allow myself more time!

8:55 – I (usually) am at Shoreditch High Street and walk to the office.

9:00 – I made it to the office. I take off my coat, switch on my laptop and then go to the kitchen to make coffee.

9:10 – Back in the office, I am having breakfast and read my emails. I reply to the ones which needs immediate answer or whom answer I know, then I write a to-do list. I am a Social Media & Marketing manager for a startup so I have quite a lot to do. Social media, influencers, digital marketing, content, campaign, etc. I am in constant communication with the Creative Manager, Graphic Designer and CEO with whom I have regular meetings or just general chats.

11:00 – My boyfriend usually texts me at that time. Don’t know why. Maybe because he senses that I am starting to feel hunger and tries to distract me with a text. Sixth sense. From Edinburgh.

13:00 – Time for lunch. I head down to the kitchen. One hour to eat and relax, then make coffee and head back.

14:00 – Lunch break is over, I am back. I finish what I didn’t have time to do in the morning, then consult with the CEO to discuss future campaigns, social media strategies, influencer collaborations and so on.

17:00 – My day in the office is over. Time to head back to the overground station.

17:45 – I am back home. My day is not over yet. I do some freelance work aside and need to get on with these. I am currently working with two clients.

19:00 – Dinner. I do some blogging while at it, whether it is the Bloggers Night In, proof reading, tweeting, etc. If I prepare lunch for the next day, that is usually when I do it. My lunch is basically what I had for dinner the night before.

19:45 – Back to work. I work for the other client. I usually work 3 hours in the evening on my freelance projects.

20:00 – Short break in my work to post a picture on my Instagram. I post twice or thrice a week, always around 8pm because I have noticed my followers are more active at that time. I work for two clients but one project is bigger than the other, hence I spend more time on it.

22:00 – Done with work, brush my teeth, clean my face. I have two hours before I go to sleep. I do some blogging things (scheduling tweets, scrolling Instagram, completing threads, commenting on blogs, etc.). Then I either watch a show or read. I am reading this series right now, Mistborn from Brandon Sanderson and it is amazing!

00:00 – Time for bed. Sending a good night text to my boyfriend.

Texting my boyfriend (or friends) is not mentioned often but rest assured I send many messages!

So that’s basically how a typical day looks for me! Not always the most excited but for sure super busy!

How about you? What is a typical day for you? Do you even have a typical day? How does it look like? Wanna share with us 24 hours of your life? 

We could even make this post a series? What do you think? Would you share your 24 hours?

Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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