Why Use Mock Ups And Templates As A Blogger

Why Use Mock Ups And Templates As A Blogger

As a blogger, content creation is the most time-consuming of all the things I do. Brainstorming ideas, drafting posts, designing Pinterest pins, thinking of captions and stories as well as other promotional posts, taking photos, etc. A lot goes into one single blog post. As far as I am concerned, I can spend hours and hours taking photos for blog posts and social media. Have you ever had an idea in mind, a specific composition and tried many angles on the day but still, you can’t get what you want. Taking photos of flatlay can be tough and disheartening if you do not get in right in spite of all your efforts. Plus, that is a lot of time gone. Fortunately, mock ups and templates can make your life easier.

I have to admit something. I know a lot of bloggers follow a content calendar that they put up together. As far as I am concerned, everything is rather spontaneous, in spite of my promise to change that at the beginning of the year. This has both pros and cons. One con is that sometimes I have no content in advance nor do I know what to post. And thus, I post nothing. One pro is that if a specific topic is trending and that I want to keep momentum, then it is much easier for me to write about it without disturbing my posting schedule.

Why Use Mock Ups And Templates As A Blogger

Sometimes, that’s just how you stay relevant as a blogger. Or get to express yourself on something you care about while it is talked about. However, spontaneity does not always allow for taking pictures. If I shoot outdoors, I need to schedule a half-day of photoshoot with my photographer quite in advance to ensure he is available. It may also be a day where the lighting is bad, the sky dark, and not ideal for indoors photography. Good imagery is essential for a good blog post. What is visually pleasing usually attracts the eye and keep people interest. Again, that is where templates and mock ups come in and can save the day.

1. What are mockups and templates?

The first time I cam across mock ups, it was in my previous work. A mockup is a full-size model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes. It is a way to show off what the design will actually look like when it is done before it is put out into the real world. Mockups are great tools to see whether your design is actually suitable for the real world. For example, a label for a bottle of wine may look amazing on your screen but the rendering may be very far off stuck on the bottle. Having a mockup done will allow you to see that and make changes accordingly.

On the other hand, a template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. In other words, using a template is using a pre-formatted document. You will just have some field to change but beyond that, the design often is pretty final. For example, you may use Pinterest Pin templates to create fresh pin frequently. The layout, font and colors will remain the same. However, you will change both copy and image. In the end, you will have a completely new pin.

While template are usually used for digital or written content, mock ups can be used for a large diversity of project from web design, to commercializing you own wine, having branded goodies made for you to even, having your own fashion apparel.

2. Mockups are great blogging tools

There are plenty of different mock ups you can use as a blogger and as a marketing professional. They are indeed a great marketing tool. For example, when I have to design new websites as part as my day job, I create a mockup of the final design so that the clients may see what the website will look like on desktop, tablets and smartphones. At my previous job, when the team was re-designing the packaging (boxes, pouches and bags), we had mock ups of the final product.

As a blogger, I have used digital mock ups many times. As mentioned above, shooting flatlay or marketing related photos can come in the way of writing last minute content. That is when you can use a tech mock up. They usually are photos featuring devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones with a black screen. Using Photoshop or Canva, you can customize those screen and brand them for your blog.

I have used homeware and fashion mock ups in the past. For my old blog mostly. I did indeed had a tote bag and a mug done with the logo of the blog. They looked super cool and even though I do not have photos to show you, I can guarantee they had their little effects. Way to advertise your blog at all time!

5. Mockups work on a lot of products

The biggest advantage of mock ups, beyond saving you a lot of time and making your life easier, is that they can be used for a lot of different products and projects. If you are fond of fashion and wish to either become a designer, or to have some branded apparel for your blog, a fashion design template is an invaluable asset.

With one template, you will have the same silhouette that you will be able to use over and over again. Fashion templates ensure that your designs have the same proportions without any extra effort to this effect, thus achieving consistency across looks.

As fat as fashion is concerned, there are two kinds of mock ups. A piece of outfit on its own background and a piece of outfit on a human figure. The template can be customized over and over again, with new designs and changes. If you are looking for mock ups, have a look at Design Bundles. They offer a wide range of templates and mock up for any projects in any industry. Should you require a sweatshirt mockup or a t-shirt mockup, they will have what you need.

Design Bundles specializes in connecting talented independent designers with discount seeking customers through an easy to use Design Marketplace. They basically offer mock ups and templates for up to 96% off regular prices. The mock ups are digital, meaning they give a preview on your screen of what the products could look in real life. To have the physical product, you would have to then send the mock up to a third party company to have it produced.

Below are examples of mockups you could use as a fashion designer, as a blogger should you want to design your own merchandise or as a marketer if you are looking into created branded accessories.

Why Use Mock Ups And Templates As A Blogger

Have you ever used mockups as a blogger? For what occasion? Blogging work or marketing merchandise? What is your experience with mockups?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

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