1. Amy Esler
    December 8, 2020 / 2:18 pm

    I suffer from chronic migraines. I have migraines every day – it is mild at first but then gets worse through the day, spreading to my forehead and eyes. They are exhausting and I only had one day where I felt good because my migraine had gone and even then I got it just before I went to bed. I think I’ve had them for years but they’ve only just got really bad over the past 9 months during lockdown. I don’t think I cope with them, I just try to push through as much as possible. It’s hard because I’m at uni and it affects my concentration, ability to remember things and be in a classroom without feeling awful. I think I get triggered by stress but it’s also just any little noise from the morning that seems to set it off. Medication isn’t working at the moment – annoying as you have to do it for 3 months despite it not working all the way through. Then try a different one and increase the dose over time. As you can imagine that gets pretty frustrating. Any advice? Amy x

    • whatcorinnedid
      February 6, 2021 / 4:40 pm

      Hey Amy. I am sorry to read you are having such a heard time with migraines. They really can incapacitate you. Each person has different triggers so it is difficult to say exactly what you specifically can do to avoid triggering migraines. Stress coping mechanism can help. As for white noises, avoiding them is difficult. What you could do is see a neurologist? They may be able to specifically pinpoint what triggers migraine for you and what you could do to avoid them. I personally don’t think that any migraine over the counter drug help. If prescribed medication does not help, I’d just stop. But again, ask your doctor.

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