How To Wear Gingham In 2020

How To Wear Gingham In 2020

“Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking!” True that we do see flowers everywhere during spring. I do like florals quite a lot and enjoy wearing the print in winter as well. Because why not?! Another print that may not seem groundbreaking is gingham. It is a trend that we’ve seen a lot of back in 2017. And it is making a huge come back in 2020. Why? Because it is cute, versatile and colorful. Even unaware of the trend, you may have worn the print at one point in your life, especially as a kind. Who was ahead of time then? Probably your mum who forced you to wear gingham. These days, it is no longer a preppy print associated with pupils but a wardrobe staples that deserve to be styled properly. Thus, that’s just what we will do here. Let me show you how to wear gingham in 2020.

How to rock the gingham print this spring

Before I start, I am gonna be honest with you guys. I have not always been a fan of gingham. Back before it actually caught my attention, I did indeed associated it with Alexa Chung and her preppy style. It did look great on her but I was convinced it would look awful on me. I did know better. More important, I did not know how to style gingham back then!

The print was indeed a fashionable alternative to florals, polka dots and stripes. They are all classics after all. I just never thought gingham could do beyond the print dress with preppy heels. Or that it would make me look like anything else than a preppy pinafore girl off to school. This was before I became a fashion blogger and became bolder with my style. Or at least tried to embrace a bolder style.

Since it is a trend that sorts of come back every summer, but even stronger this spring 2020, you can see a lot of different ways to style gingham. And then, it actually is up to you whether you style it the classic way or go all out. Or something in between. No one forces you to pick a black and white gingham dress after all. No, this time, I decided to go pink. Perfect for spring and summer too. Although the style I choose is quite simple, you can find different gingham pieces. See some suggestions at the end of this post.

How I wear the trend

So, sure, I picked the piece and the color. So now, how do I wear gingham? It could not be easier. Wear what you like, what you feel good in, what makes you confident. You’d love to wear a gingham top with a black skirt? Go on. Or a white top and a gingham skirt? Or even go all out with a co ord? You go girl!

Personally I decided to associate several trends together. Because why not after all. Bardot was huge some years ago too and it is also coming back. Not sure it was ever gone but who knows. I love bardot tops. They also are perfect for summer and associated with gingham, they are a winning fashion combination! The beginning of spring is a bit chilly so black trousers are perfect. Note the ripped knees to deconstruct the “good girl” side of the top. Denim on denim? Why not! I do love a denim jacket and do not miss an occasion to wear mine!

The finishing touch are a pair of graphic wedges that I bought back in 2012 and that I have religiously be careful with to make sure they last as long as possible. They are indeed not available anywhere and I never saw a design like this anywhere. They are quite bold so do contribute to making this outfit more interesting.

I guess how to wear gingham whether in 2020 or any other time depends on many things. On the piece itself. Then on the color of the print. Finally on what you style it with. Another color or another piece might make the difference and create a super bold outfit.

How To Wear Gingham In 2020 How To Wear Gingham In 2020

Shop the gingham trend

How do you wear gingham? Is it a print that you wear often? How would you style it? What do you think of this outfit?

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I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading.

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