Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas With Shein*

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day outfit ideas? Just putting there that Valentine’s Day is around the corner after all. And it’s coming fast. Whether you celebrate or not, you cannot ignore those intense marketing efforts by all the companies out there. Seriously, our local Fairway removed all the Christmas things on the 25th and put the Valentine’s Day merchandise on the same day! Not wasting time are they?!

Anyways… Whether you celebrate or not, it does not heart to get some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, am I right? Because you can wear pink, read and hearts all year round if you like the color combination! And you know it is one I like!

Those outfits were all gifted by Shein, which has been a partner of this blog for almost two years now. This collaboration is for SHEIN Valentine’s Day. All pieces are linked and you can get 10% off order over £19 or 15% off orders over £49 with code SVD981. This code is valid until the 30th of March, as a reminder that you can style hearts even when it’s not Valentine’s Day!

1. 50 shades of blush

I do not really wear midi skirts in winter. They tend to be a wardrobe staple of mine during summer or when I did not shave my legs! In winter, they’d require wearing tights, especially in New York where it can get pretty cold, and I don’t like the look of tights with midi skirt. Stupid maybe but just a personal preference. However, I have always wanted a blush midi skirt so I could only give in when I saw this one.

I styled it with an oversize over the shoulder jumper. My black cross-body bag has been an all time favorite ever since I got it and I thought that those low boots were a perfect addition to this outfit! Nude tights would probably work there too. But do they really protect you from the cold? Not sure.

Valentine's Day outfit

Valentine's Day outfit Valentine's Day outfit

Shop my Shein outfit
Get 15% off Shein with code SVD981
Midi Skirt
Chunky Knit
Cross body bag
Heeled boot


2. All the love

Sometimes, I like to be a little bit more adventurous when it comes to my outfits. Maybe my definition of “adventurous” is somebody else’s “basic”, who knows. I have to say I tried to be bold and paid the price on multiple occasions when the clothes did not fit me at all. Good things everything worked out when it comes to this outfit!

Since it is a Valentine’s day outfit post, I decided that why not go all out and pick a heart printed piece? That’s how I ended up with this sheer top with floaty sleeves. Which goes so well with this faux-leather mini skirt. I love it on the photo but it might be a bit too short for me. Maybe on a night out, what do you think?

The first reaction of my husband when he saw me try this outfit on? “So 70s”. So at least, if Valentine’s Day does not work, at least I can wear that at a 70s themed party!

Valentine's Day outfit Valentine's Day outfit 

Shop the outfit
Jacket – New Look
Sheer top – Shein
Faux leather skirt – Shein
Heeled boots – Shein
Cross body bag – Shein

3. Dark & chic

Last but not least. We did romantic, we did full on Valentine’s day. Now, we can do minimalist and chic. Not that lace is ever minimalist, it is always quite intricate but I believe this outfit is quite simple. And elegant. The perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for those who are not so much into bold outfits and prefer simplicity. Perfect for all black outfit lovers who decided to add a tiny touch of color with a pink top.

I have worn faux leather trousers in the past last year and quite liked it. Thus, I decided to try the experience again. I love the belt on this one. It really helps to mark the hips. And the lace top with those puffy sleeves is the prettiest and a new favorite that I wear super often!

Valentine's Day outfit Valentine's Day outfit   

Shop this outfit
Coat – Precis
Lace top – Shein
Faux leather trousers – Shein
Low boots – Shein
Cross body bag – Shein

Don’t forget that you can get up to an extra 15% off your Shein order with code SVD981. What are you doing on Valentine’s Day? Did you get all the Valentine’s Day outfit ideas?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

*Gifted items.



  1. November 22, 2023 / 11:21 am

    Cute outfit ideas for Valentines day. Great selection. I love them all.

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