Transitioning To Autumn Fashion

autumn fashion

Autumn starts in a month. Officially. Because in the UK, fall tends to start end of August. As for the US, I’ve got no clue. It is still 30°C end of August here so we might just not get autumn until maybe mid-October. Or have a very sudden change of temperature. Who knows. I’ll keep you updated. But, new season means new wardrobe thus it is time to have a look at autumn fashion.

However, it is still summer and warm out there. At least where I live. So no need to rush into it, pack your summer clothes at the back of your closet and get all your comfy fall jumpers out. No. Let’s do it little by little, with a smooth transition from summer to autumn fashion.

1. Yes to long sleeves

I feel that summer is for dresses and showing your legs. I mean, I do that in winter too. As a matter of fact, I barely ever wear trousers. Yes. As it turns out, my legs are also quite insensitive. I stand corrected. They are touchy as f*ck when it comes to waxing, but the cold? No. No impact at all. The cold does not botter them. It’s summer all year long for my legs. However, my arms do feel the cold.

Thus, you can start transitioning to autumn fashion by incorporating dresses or tops with long sleeves. Your outfit will still look quite summery but you’ll be warmer, have arms and shoulders covered and protected from cold breezes. It also looks really nice. Not all sleeves are warm also. Some are made of very thin fabric and are more for style than warmth. So you won’t suffocate if out of nowhere, it it warm again.

And that’s exactly how that dress is. Very summery with pastel colors and a flower print. Frills here and there. Really thin floating sleeves that make the dress look warmer than it is. And the perfect style to start transitioning to autumn fashion.

autumn fashion autumn fashion

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2. Then to darker shades

Onto step 2 now. So, we already have the long sleeves. Flowers are gone, trees are no longer green, pastel is irrelevant. I mean, no, it is not. It is still nice to wear pastel, but you’ll really stand out, surrounded by warmer colors. So yes, we’ve got the long sleeves covered and now, it’s time to get the colors right.

Yellow, burgundy, orange, brown. The colors of autumn. Golden orange and black? Why not. Long sleeves and frill for the perfect autumn dress. As we said, little by little, one detail at a time, until we get the full look right! September is still warm enough for bare legs. At least in NYC. I hope. Although even in Edinburgh and by 12°C, I was bare legs too so…

And even more perfect when the print of the dress is leafs and flowers? Again, everything for a smooth transition! With a matching black bag and blag shoes!

autumn fashion autumn fashion

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3. Say yes to pants

Now, onto my favorite outfit of this autumn fashion edit. Of course you can still wear dresses in autumn and winter. I don’t wear pants often, and when I do, it’s exclusively during fall or winter. Hence this outfit. We can keep a little summer detail with the woven beach bag. Or add a touch of fun to an autumn outfit.

But of course, the highlight here is the crop top. Absolutely in love with this blouse. And perfect to wear with a high waisted pair of pants. A brown one, so that you are on tone with fall. Looking like I put everything on without thinking, but there is in fact a lot of deep thinking behind this outfit. Just kidding.

Still very much in love with this blouse. And this outfit in general. Which is, again, my favorite of all three in this article!

autumn fashion autumn fashion

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What do you think? Do you like those outfits? Which one is your favorite? How do you transition from summer to autumn fashion? Can’t wait for fall, can you?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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