Three Selkie Dresses For Spring

Three Selkie Dresses For Spring

You know my love for Selkie dresses. After some years thinking about it, I finally gave in and bought myself a Rainbow puff dress. No regret. I am absolutely in love. It is indeed a super pretty dress and I do feel like a modern princess while wearing it. And yes, it is quite the statement so the dress will for sure catch some odd looks and questioning facial expressions. But you know what, you only live once, so wear the dress!

Because my Selkie obsession knows no bound, as I have found out, I got myself some additional styles from their spring collection. And what a collection that is. Every single design and pattern is amazing and it is super hard to only choose one! If you are looking for some spring inspiration, here are three Selkie dresses that I am sure you’ll love!

Renaissance and florals

I know that I am meant to talk about Selkie dresses for spring and that technically this Creme Venus Silk Puff Dress is more of a winter dress. It was part of the Christmas collection after all. But I think the color and the pattern are perfect for spring anyway. And summer. Which is why of course I decided to include in this blog post! The dress is gorgeous but as of now, it is no longer available on the Selkie website.

What drew me to this specific puff dress? The color even though it is far less colorful that what my tastes usually dictates. And also the print. The pattern is inspired by renaissance paintings of Venus, although I would not be able to tell which one. I found the print super delicate, pretty and romantic and I do think that it actually makes a great spring dress!

selkie dresses for spring The Creme Venus Silk Puff Dress The Creme Venus Silk Puff Dress

Green power

Moving onto more colorful garments, we have this green color blocking Avocado Recycled Puff Dress. And puffy it is, but that is how I like it. This dress is made with recycle bottled organza and has a beautiful satin sheen. What a statement does it make. Such a bright color. And perfect for spring as well! I think it may be one of my favorite.

That dress is super comfortable and versatile. Because it is a solid color, it is of course easier to style with accessories and other thing. Wearing a print makes choices a bit more restrictive. Unless you are fearless. I am not there yet, even though I am learning to love mixing different prints. Back to this dress though! The color is amazing and is perfect for spring!

the avocado recycled puff dress the avocado recycled puff dress Selkie dresses for spring

Back to the 70s

I don’t know if you’ve seen Selkie’s latest collection drop but there is one thing that really strikes me. The Selkie dresses are reminiscent of the 70s. The colors, the patterns, the prints, it screams of the 70s. And this once, I really like it. Especially on this Goldie French Puff Dress. I am obsessed. This Selkie dress is sports a hippy, trippy, yellow daisy floral print inspired by Goldie Hawn.

Of all the new Selkie dresses from the new collection, it is really the one that caught my eye. I guess I do like bright colors and colorful prints. That print also comes in different dresses: a ruffle gown and a mini dress. If I had not fallen for the midi dress, I would have for the mini dress for sure!

the Goldie french puff dress selkie dresses for spring the Goldie french puff dress

What do you think of those Selkie dresses? Which one is your favorite? Do you own any Selkie dress?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

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