The Best Halloween Decorations In NYC In 2022

Halloween decorations

New York City is beautiful all year round, but it is spectacular during the Holidays and Halloween. Residents take both very seriously and you can see that all around town. Brownstones and buildings dress up in stunning and spooky Halloween decorations. While you will be able to find great spooky displays, the best Halloween decorations in NYC are actually in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side.

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Of course, there are also some good Halloween displays in Midtown, Chelsea and the Seaport District. Brooklyn and the West Village also have some good decorations and regardless, of where you go, you will find some great places to take photos at. Locations tend to be the same years after years, but after living three years in NYC, I can guarantee that decorations are getting better and better each year.

Scroll below to find the best Halloween displays in the city, starting with the Upper East and West sides, and ending with Chelsea. You’ll find the exact location and address for each should you like to visit.

Halloween decor in the Upper East Side

161 E 82nd St

The Best Halloween Decorations In NYC In 2022

E 76th St & 5th Ave

Not only is this building going all out for Halloween, I know for a fact that it does too for Christmas. I also have it on good authority (the owner herself) that the holiday decorations are going to be fantastic!

Spooky decorations in NYC

E 74th St, between Park & Madison Ave

The Best Halloween Decorations In NYC In 2022

E 67th, between Madison & 5th Ave

E 64th St, between Madison & 5th Ave

While I am not exactly sure what locations mentioned in this article also have decorations for Christmas, I can guarantee than this one does. Last year, the three tree were fully decorated and complemented by giant candy canes!

the nightmare before christmas

154 E 62nd St

The Best Halloween Decorations In NYC In 2022

234 E 62nd St

E 61st St, between 2nd & 3rd Ave

Here is another Halloween display location that also gets a makeover for the holidays. The theme stays blue and the vibe is always a bit different but amazing nonetheless!

Spooky displays in the Upper West Side

W 69th St, between Amsterdam & Columbus Ave

W 82nd St, between Amsterdam & Columbus Ave

While those Halloween decorations will definitely be replaced come December, I can also guarantee that the stoops will get a makeover for Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day as well as Easter!

W 87th St, between Amsterdam & Columbus Ave

Halloween decorations in Midtown

W 22nd St & 8th Ave

Hatch Creative Studio is amazing and the peace sign gets better every year. It it absolutely spooktacular this year and changes for each occasion and season!

What do you think of this year’s Halloween decorations? Have you seen any of the locations listed? Or found any others you’d like to share? What’s your favorite time in NYC?

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