Styling One Dress With Four POP BAGs

Styling One Dress With Four POP BAGs

In my previous job as a marketing director for a small business marketing agency, I worked with a client I really came to be obsessed about: POP BAG USA. They are a brand of fully customizable handbags that gives creative power back to the customer. In short, you can create your own bag from scratch. You can choose a front panel, a back panel and a set of handles.

When designing your own bag, you will have to choose the material of your panels first: saffiano leather, pebbled leather, croc-embossed leather and PVC. Then you will be able to choose a color for each panel and set of handles. There is an infinite number of combinations possible. Actually there are 29,250 combinations possible. Yes, we counted.

But basically, POP BAG USA is like a “build-a-bear” for fashionistas.

It has been super fun creating content for POP BAG USA while working for my previous company. They are such a lovely client to work with. From reels to videos of all kinds, to studio photography and lifestyle photoshoots, I really had a great time. And so, after I changed job, I had to keep on supporting them.

I also love their bags and the energy behind the brand. The designs are lovely, the patterns beautiful and the bags simply high quality. Great quality at an affordable price is all you need really. Plus, it is all Made in Italy! Since I do have a few POP BAGs myself, I thought I’d show you a bit of my collection and how I styled them all with the same dress.

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Because that is another thing when it comes to POP BAG USA. The bags are super versatile. They are chic and can style up any outfit. But they are also perfect to wear with a pair of jeans and trainers. So basically, the brand will suit any style.

The Baroque Tote Bag

Newly added to my POP BAG USA collection is a Baroque Tote Bag. It is a style that was recently added to their website. What caught my eye? The baroque pattern. I love the print. I know it is unusual and different from other designs on the POP BAG USA website.

Yet, it was love at first sight. I absolutely adore this tote bag. Ornate gets a modern twist with this bag. I find the intricacy of the design delightful. That style comes in two colors. You can get the back panel and handles in either dark orange or dark brown. It only comes in a medium size but is super roomy and also has an inside slip pocket.

styling one dress with four POP BAGs USA

The Croc-Embossed Leather Tote Bag

Bag number two is actually one of my absolute favorites. This croc-embossed leather tote bag comes in blue, purple, green, grey and blue. You can also choose between small, medium and large. There is also the option of getting it as a mini crossbody bag. Not gonna lie, they are super cute!

I have never owned a croc-embossed leather tote bag before. It is the first time. And I find that it really adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. It just looks chic. There is no other word. And it is perfect for winter. The colors this style comes in are better suited to winter in my opinion. When it comes to the tote bag. The POP BAG mini crossbody bag is too cute not to be worn all year round.

styling one dress with four POP BAGs USA

The Baroque Mini Crossbody Bag

Let’s get back to Baroque. As you know from earlier, I fell in love at first sight with the Baroque Tote Bag. I just love how it looks, the pattern, the style in general. So, of course, when I saw the small version, I could not resist. Not only is it super cute, but it is also the perfect companion for when you carry light.

I usually wear tote bags when I go to work or need to carry a significant amount of things. When I am out and about during the weekend, exploring New York City, I just need my phone, my keys and my debit card. This Baroque Mini Crossbody Bag by POP BAG is perfect in that sense because everything fits.

The YES Multicolor Tote Bag by Jonny Detiger

Last but not least, let’s spend some time on the YES Multicolor Tote Bag by Jonny Detiger. In the past, POP BAG USA has collaborated with some local artists. Hektad is one of them. And so is Jonny Detiger. While he is known for a few pattern, the YES print is the one that really caught my eyes.

You know me, I love everything that is colorful. At first, it is on the mini crossbody bag version that I had set my heart on. Unfortunately for me, it was sold out before I could get my hands on it. Thanks god the tote bag version is still available (in small quantity I heard, so hurry up).

Have you ever heard of POP BAG USA before? What do you think of their bags? And their concept? Would you customize your own bag from scratch to finish?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

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