Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress: Is It Worth It?

Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow: Is It Worth It?

Has anyone not seen the Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress? If there’s a dress that made all the rounds on social media and beyond back in 2020, it is that one. Already gaining in popularity before the pandemic, it feels like the lockdown propelled the brand forward for all to see and want. I had already seen the dress on a few influencers I follow, which yes, influenced me to want it too.

I am weak like that… 

The Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress became an Instagram sensation. If you’re going to be locked up at home, you might as well look super cute doing so. And so the dress and brand became a symbol of the cottagecore trend. Looking at some of the styles now, it is a bit more varied, with goth, unicorn and other vibes. And while the very first time I saw the dress on social media, I was not transfixed by it, that quickly changed.

You know what they say about purchase behavior… It will take seeing something at least 7 times before you’re taking action to buy… As far as this Selkie dress is concerned, it was everywhere so I did it see it a lot more than 7 times before I finally caved. There also was a bit of a “I don’t wanna do like everybody else” thing here I have to admit.

I overcame that quite fast. Who doesn’t want to look cute in a rainbow fluffy dress after all? And so, yes, I eventually gave in and after Christmas 2021, I purchased my first Selkie dress. To be frank, the rainbow puff dress was not my first. I went for the Toile Puff Dress first and then the Venus Puff Dress, both no longer being sold by the brand. But, it is the rainbow dress that was the star of the show, and therefore the one highlighted here.

Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress: Is It Worth It?

Yes that’s the question.

At the time, splurging about $280 for a dress Made in China hurt a bit I have to say. It felt a lot for a simple dress with nothing special. In addition, returns are not free, which mean that if you’re not satisfied with the quality, you won’t get all your money back. So, yes, the first time, it felt like a bit of a risk with a lot of variable. But what would life be without risks, am I right?

I have to admit, the Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress looks amazing. The shape is fantastic, the colors beautiful and the twirl perfect for photos. I loved it immediately. If one piece of garment had been born with social media in mind, it was that one. Which is both good and bad. The only place I saw people wearing Selkie dresses was indeed social media. Thus, I was uncertain about wearing the dress on a day or night out. But you know, I don’t have eyes everywhere so it is more than possible than people where those dresses in their daily lives too.

As the brand came up with more different styles, and less puffy ones, I did see more people wearing Selkie dresses. And as my own collection grew with different designs, I also started to wear some of the dresses to work. So it is possible. The puff organza dresses though? Not sure I would. But at the time, it did feel a shame to spend that much money for a dress that would only be out when taking pictures. And it is really getting a new job with a higher income and my side business picking up that convinced me I could actually splurge.

So, is the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow worth the price and worth the hype?

What is Selkie?

First thing fist maybe, a bit of background about Selkie. It is a woman-owned and run business, committed to diversity and catering to women of all sizes, from XXXS to XXXL (I believe). The brand’s campaigns always showcase diversity and representation, which is not that common in the fashion industry. The brand is also committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

So far so good.

Looking at the price and the branding, I expected Selkie packaging to be quite elaborate and sophisticated. I know this does not always go hand in hand with zero waste but still. Thus, I was quite surprises when I received the parcel and saw how minimalist the packaging was. I guess it does make sense with the no-waste pledge, but still. Note that most dresses are shipped out of Selkie’s partner factory in China.

Paying a lot of money for a piece of garment does not bother me if I know that the factory workers get paid a fair wage and have good working conditions. Selkie dresses are made in China, and the thing with “Made in China” is that despite big improvements in the past years, you can never guaranteed that working conditions are good and pay is fair.

However, Selkie does have WRAP and BSCI certifications. Both ensure fair remuneration, ethical businesses practices, no child labor and good working conditions. Again, such certifications may not guarantee anything but they are still a step in the right direction. Selkie is also very transparent about their manufacturing practices and provide a lot of information on their website, which I like.

Now, is a $280 price tag worth it?

The Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow

Looking at both certifications and transparency about Selkie’s manufacturing practices, I would say we are getting there. However, I am still not 100% convinced that the dress is worth its price tag. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dress and the fabric. I had read reviews about sizing issues, low quality fabric and zipper problems, but I personally did not experience any of those – when it came to the Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress.

I do understand why people are so obsessed with those designs and the brand.

The quality of the rainbow puff dress was good, the fabric felt great. Note that it is not actual silk, but polyester organza. Selkie is vegan friendly. The fabric is soft and very smooth. It looks beautiful, it shines in the light, it is floaty and very light. The colors are great and overall the dress is beautifully made in my opinion.

I like how the sleeves are see-through and so puffy while the body of the garment is very sturdy and protective. The empire style of the dress looks amazing and make it a very versatile dress that can fits all body types and shapes. It is true to size and fits me perfectly. Not too big, not too small, the perfect M size (for me and my body type). The movement of the garment is nice and the twirls amazing. However, I wish that the breast area would be fully lined because I am not a fan of everybody seeing my bra.

Now, do I regret my investment? No. I am happy with my Selkie Rainbow Puff Dress. If I had to sell all my dresses but one, it would be the one I keep. Do I think the dress is worth $280? Not really. I think you can get dresses of equal quality of a lower dress, and dress of higher quality for the same price. Would I splurge for more dresses? Yes, probably. I am an impulse buyer after all.

In the end, I do understand the appeal of the Rainbow Puff Dress. Selkie knows exactly what they are doing. They became master mind at social media and their designs are very popular for a reason. The dresses are cute, whimsical, versatile and work on any body type. They do make you feel amazing and at the end of the day, that is what you want from a dress. I love wearing mine whenever I can, even if I stay home. It is unfortunate that I can’t really wear my Selkie dresses more often as it does not fit into my workplace dress code most of the time.

Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow Puff Dress Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow

Do you own any Selkie dresses? If yes, does it happen to be the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow? What’s your opinion on the brand? Do you feel it is worth the price tag and hype?

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