Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow: Is It Worth It?

Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow: Is It Worth It?

Do we even need to introduce the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow anymore? We’ve all seen it on social media. It is an Instagram sensation and that is where I saw the dress for the first time. The embodiment of the cottage core aesthetic, I feel it took off during the 2020 lockdown. It is 100% possible it was already a thing before that but I had never heard of it until the lockdown started.

I did not pay it much mind at the time either. But you know, the more you see something, the more intrigued you are. Especially when such a cute puff organza dress keeps on popping up on my Instagram feed and everybody is raving about it. So yes, I was very intrigued at the time. In my defense, it was in my face all the time, worn and adored by my favorite Instagrammers and fashion bloggers.

Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow: Is It Worth It?

And it did look amazing. The shape, the color, the twirl, the vibe. I loved it. The rainbow puff dress (and other styles) was made for social media. To the point where I felt I only saw it there. Have I ever seen someone wearing a Selkie dress outside of Instagram? Not sure. But you know, I do not have eyes everywhere so what do I know?!

Seeing Selkie dresses again and again online, I started to want one for myself of course. I mean, it is was so cute and I do love cute dresses. At the time, I was at my old job. My income was good but I did not feel like it was good enough to splurge so much on a dress. Some months later, I started my very own bag brand and did invest quite a bit in its growth. My priorities shifted of course and so buying the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow was not really the order of the day.

Because, yes, one thing about Selkie, is that it is not cheap. Not at all. While I do not mind spending a fair bit of money in clothing, first I want to make sure I can actually afford it. Second, I also want to know it is worth it.

Back in August 2021, I got a new job. My wage increased significantly and I had more disposable income. I decided after some time to give Selkie a little try. Thus, over Christmas, I got myself the infamous Rainbow Puff Dress that you see all over Instagram (and TikTok). A week or so later, it arrived at my door.

So, is the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow worth the price and worth the hype?

What is Selkie?

Before we get into that, let’s start with a bit of background about the brand. Selkie is woman-owned and run. It is committed to diversity and caters for women of all sizes from XXXS to XXXL (I believe). Considering how restrictive the fashion industry can be when it comes to sizing, I’d say it is quite refreshing to see Selkie’s offering. The brand is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

So far so good.

When I received my parcel, I must say I was surprised by how simple and minimalistic the packaging was. But coming from a company that wants to be zero waste, it makes a lot of sense. Now, Selkie has a factory in China and it is where all the garments are made. The thing was products that are “Made in China” is that you can never really guarantee that workers are paid a fair wages (which would justify the high cost of the dresses).

However, Selkie does have WRAP and BSCI certifications which indeed do ensure fair remuneration, ethical businesses practices, no child labor and good working conditions. Again, such certifications may not guarantee anything but they are still a step in the right direction. Selkie is also very transparent about their manufacturing practices and provide a lot of information on their website, which I like.

Now, is a $280 price tag worth it?

The Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow

Providing that the workers are working in good conditions, are provided benefits and given a fair wages, I would say that yes, we are getting there. Looking at the rainbow puff dress itself, I would say than even though I am not 100% sure the price tag is justified, I do have to say that I was very surprised with the quality.

And also that I do understand why people are so obsessed.

The quality is good, the fabric feels great. Yes, it is not actual silk (which is good news to our vegan friends), but polyester organza. The fabric does feel great and very smooth. It looks beautiful, it shines in the light, it is floaty and very light. The colors are great and overall the dress is beautifully made.

I like how the sleeves are see-through and so puffy while the body of the garment is very sturdy and protective. The empire style of the dress looks amazing and make it a very versatile dress that can fits all body types and shapes. It is true to size and fits me perfectly. Not too big, not too small, the perfect M size (for me and my body type). The movement of the garment is nice and the twirls amazing. 

I do feel amazing when I wear the dress and I do not regret my investment. Yes, you can call a $280 dress an investment.

I do understand the appeal of the Rainbow Puff Dress and Selkie knows exactly what they are doing. They became master mind at social media and their designs are very popular for a reason. The dresses are cute, whimsical, versatile and work on any body type. They do make you feel amazing and at the end of the day, that is what you want from a dress.

I love wearing mine whenever I can, even if I stay home. It is unfortunate that I can’t really wear my Selkie dresses more often as it does not fit into my workplace dress code. Yes, you did read correctly. Dresses. Because after being so happy with the rainbow puff dress, I did give in and got myself some other Selkie dresses. The Louis Toile is so beautiful, and so is the head in the cloud puff dress.

Selkie Puff Dress in RainbowPuff DressSelkie Puff Dress in Rainbow

Do you own any Selkie dresses? If yes, does it happen to be the Selkie Puff Dress in Rainbow? What’s your opinion on the brand? Do you feel it is worth the price tag and hype?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

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