A Retrospective Of The Year 2019

year 2019

The year 2019 went in a finger snap. Thus, it is time for a little retrospective of the year 2019. I did one last year, on 2018. Talking about everything I did and happened back in 2018. As well as all the lessons learnt back then. It was quite a busy year too. Not as busy as 2019 though. Maybe just as eventful? Don’t know. The year 2019 sure was much more intense than 2018 and it was a blast of a year.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this retrospective of the year 2019.


I am off for a week after New Year, which I spent in Germany, in Philip’s family. Back to work for a few day. I am reunited with the cat. We spend a few days in Edinburgh because we need to work some details for the wedding. I fly back to London with Philip. He goes to the US embassy for his visa interview, I get back to work. For a few days. Before flying back to Edinburgh to get married. Both our families fly to Scotland from Germany and France. We spend the Saturday before showing the town to our relative and go for Italian food in the evening. We get married the next day at City Chambers, right off the Royal Miles, after brunch at The Ivy On The Square. Our wedding dinner is at The Outsider, on George IV. I stay a bit longer in Edinburgh. Philips moves to New York a few days later.


Philip has moved to New York and started his new job. I am in London, preparing my own visa application, waiting for the marriage certificate and the paperwork from Philip’s employer. February is actually pretty quiet. Not that much is happening. It’s been one year that I have stopped talking to a former best friend who turned out to be quite abusive towards me. I still think about it sometimes, but less and less, and I have been happier ever since. I shoot outfits with Ana, do some blogging work, spend time with my university friends, play with the cat. Again, February is rather uneventful.


I have completed and sent out my visa application. The interview at the Embassy is set up for a few days after. I go during lunch. It was pretty fast actually. And much easier than expected. I came in, gave my paperwork, got checked into the system, got back to my seat, waited for the actual interview. The officer asks me a few questions and then approves my visa. I am convinced I heard “visa approved” but it all went so fast that for some time I fear that I misheard and that the officer actually said “visa not approved”. So I wait until I have my passport back in my hands with the visa before giving notice of my flat, job and booking my flight. Ten days later, I have my passport back. So I guess it is really happening.


My last day at work is on the 12th of April. I then have a few days free for photo-shooting with Ana and packing the last things that need to be. Work throws me a super thoughtful little leaving due with some very nice gifts to take with me to the US. I did have a great experience working at ADEXE, great fun with my colleagues, and I can already tell London feels so much like home, I will really miss it. Ana and I shoot every morning the week before I leave the UK. My mum drives to London from France to help me move out. Good thing the highway exits at Canary Wharf, it made it easier for her. The next day we load the car, go for a last walk in central London, have lunch and then head back to pick up the cat and drive off to Folkestone. We take the Euroshuttle there until Coquelles, in France. Then, we drive home. It is the Easter weekend so I get to see my brothers and sister as well. I drive to Besançon to see my grandparents with my brother one last time before leaving for NYC. I introduce them to Aperol Spritz and now they are obsessed.


I fly to New York on the first of May. The kitty cannot come with me. Our flat does not allow pets and flying a cat as fidgety as Gingembre in the cabin would be a nightmare. The journey would also be extremely stressful for him, so he stays at my parents. He does not get along very well with their cat though. 1st of May, I land late in the evening. I get get off the plane, through customs, pick up my suitcases, hail a taxi and head over to Midtown Manhattan where we now leave. It is my first month in the US and I cannot really believe. It feels surreal and sometimes like a dream. A month… that what it took to sink. I apply for a work permit, knowing that I won’t receive it for at least three months. In the meantime, I explore NYC.


It’s been a month already. I took a Citibike membership to explore the city. Cheaper and faster than the tube. Also, it’s easy work out, so win win. I turn 27 and Philip takes me to the musical Aladdin on Broadway. It was amazing! Such a blast! So funny, beautiful and memorable. I put more time into my blog, get back into baking but also starts Youtube. First, in French, because I felt more comfortable speaking in French in front of the camera. I also decide to start learning German and take classes at the Goethe Institute. I make friends through Girl Gone International and Meet up app, plus I meet bloggers through Instagram.


We completely forgot the 4th of July is holiday in the US and did not plan anything. It’s a four day weekend. I go on a road trip with Colette, a blogger I recently meet and shot with. We do Newport (RI), Martha’s Vineyard (MA), Portland (ME) and Portsmouth (NH). This trip obviously is the opportunity to take many pictures. Back in New York, learning German, doing Youtube, still exploring the city, working freelance as well for a client I had back in the UK that decided to work with me still in spite of the time difference.


My parents and two of my siblings come to the US for holiday. Two weeks in New York and a week in Boston. Since I do not work, I show them the city, museums, parks, visit with them. We go to restaurants. The highlight is all of us going, my husband included, to Fette Sau, a BBQ place in Brooklyn. That was amazing. We go to Boston for Labour Day. Old friends of ours live there and my parents are staying with them. We stay at an Edinburgh friend’s flat. We visit Boston, Cambridge, Harvard. It is hot and the weather is gorgeous. Boston is so much quieter than NYC. Also, it smells nice, there is no trash everywhere and people are polite. After Labour Day, we head back to NYC. I receive my work permit.


I start applying for jobs in the US. My time is divided between freelancing, blogging and job applications. Someday I apply to so many jobs, I don’t even know what they are anymore. I start getting interviews here and there. It is reassuring to see that my resume interests recruiters in NYC. The process with one company goes really far, which makes me stop applying. I spent so many times preparing interviews and interviewing anyways that I don’t have time for anything else. September is great for blogging and paid campaigns. So great that I manage to pay my entire stay in London in October with the money made in September.


A super busy month. Interviews and all. We fly to Germany to see Philip’s sister and friends. We spend a few days in Heidelberg before heading to Stuttgart for a night to see Philip’s dad. Then we are off to Edinburgh for a friend’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful. We stay a long weekend in Edinburgh before flying to London. Philip flies earlier back to the US because he must attend a conference in Chicago, while I stay a whole week. I stay at Ana’s and shoot many outfits with some gorgeous London fall displays. I have brunch with Helen, lunch with Allison, and catch up with Ana of course. We have a bottomless brunch next to Victoria’s station before I hop on the Gatwick express. Barely back and I have interviews again. One company had me go through 8 interviews but it ends up not working out. Never mind. I start applying for jobs again. And I start a Youtube channel in English.


I get some more interviews, go through first and second stages. Mid-December, I got a job as digital marketing manager for a New York spa. It is a relief. First, because I won’t have to stress about finding a job. Second because I won’t have to dedicate all this time to job hunting and interviews. Third, because it is always easier to find a new job when you are working one. That’s sad but that’s how it is. We learn that the flat we were waitlisted for is now available. It’s bigger, it has hard wood floor, a massive window and so much natural light. A job and a new flat. It feels like Christmas before Christmas. I start buying Christmas presents. Absolute Vodka works with me on my new Instagram on a paid campaign. I get some more paid collaborations. I start the new job on the 25th of November.


December is also a great month for paid collaborations. I worked with Tribe a lot and even though I am still a bit doubtful of how it works, when the product is cheap or you have it already, it works amazingly well. We move to our new flat on the 2nd of December. It is amazing. It looks amazing. What a good change. This new flat improves our New York experience so much. We prepare Christmas and buy a Christmas tree. It is our first Christmas just us two, without our families, or traveling to France or Germany. But it is really romantic. We have Champagne, oysters, fish and vegetables as well as tiramisù on the 24th. Germany does Christmas on the 24th, France on the 25th, so we decide to open some gifts on the 24th and some on the 25th. Philip gives me a ring. An engagement ring. We’ve been married for almost a year but I did not have one. I did not expect it and it’s a marvelous surprise. We have a Christmas dinner on the 25th with all our friends who did not go home. I am off from the 24th to the 2nd and play Pokemon Sword on the Switch or read most of the time.

The year 2019 is not over yet but this year has been insane for us. Insanely busy, intense and full of adventure. So much happened in just one year. Our wedding, moving to the US, getting a new job, etc. It was a blast and I hope 2020 will be just as fun!

year 2019 year 2019 year 2019

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What about you? How was your year 2019? As good as you’d hoped? Tell me what were your highlights. What are you hoping for in 2020?

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