One Last Summer Lookbook Before Fall*

last summer lookbook

Right. So yes, I know, fall already started. So this last summer lookbook is actually after the beginning of autumn. Shame on me. What can I say? I have the photos since September 1st but I was lacking inspiration. It comes and goes.

This last summer lookbook actually is my very first outdoor photoshoot with my photographer since the pandemic started. And I have to say, I love the photos. The outfits too are great. But fall is starting and therefore they are a bit out of season.

I mean, if you leave in New York City, you know that fall does not really start until at least November. Sure, the leaves might be falling, the tree turning orange and the Halloween mood settling in, it is still very warm in the city. So technically, it is still summer. Because it is still hot.

Therefore, even I am late with this last summer lookbook before fall, I’d say it is still very relevant!

1. Huff the puffs

The dress is a dream come true. The design is amazing, the print is beautiful. The bright blue of the print is exquisite. But the sleeves! They are made of dreams! Good dreams! I love the 70s vibes. The style is also so modern! Perfect for the end of summer!

I also have to say that I do not wear blue that often. As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting on the couch, looking at our walk-in closet, and yes, I do not see that much blue. And this particular shade on the dress is the prettiest.

Because an outfit is never fully complete without accessories, time to talk about them! As usual when the dress is complex in style and design, I go light on the accessories. The bag, even though super pretty, and the heels are fairly neutral!

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2. Sweet polka dots

Who does not love frills and tulle?! Even better when it is polka dot! Once again, I have to admit it, it is the sleeves that caught my attention! They are not as fluffy as the dress before but still! Made of tulle and see-through, they add something to the dress!

The design of this dress is quite intricate although the style remains rather simple. It i s a paradox. But again, the neutral dominant color makes it very easy to wear and style the dress.

While adding a pop of color with accessories is always a solution, I decided to stay neutral with a black cross-body bag and those grey and black heels.

last summer lookbook

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3. Gimme more sleeves

Remember when I said that blue is not a dominant color in my wardrobe? Well, here is a second blue dress as part of this last summer lookbook before fall! Here, again it is all about the sleeves.

I mean not exactly. Sure, the sleeves are amazing! But the bows in the back also played their part. Overall, it is just a very nice style with a gorgeous design and a very flattering shape!

Because this blue leans toward pastel a lot, I decided to keep the beaded white bag with the grey sandals. In the end, they go very well all together.

last summer lookbook last summer lookbook

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4. Bright as red

Last but not least in this last summer lookbook is this gorgeous puffy and fluffy red dress. Puffy and fluffy seem to be a common theme in this lookbook! But what can I say? I am obsessed!

This dress is more difficult to wear on a daily basis. I do not see myself showing to work with that dress. What a shame though. It is the bright red I guess. And all the fluff of tulle and frills. 

Because this dress is so bright in color and complex in design, once again, I decided to keep it simple with the accessories.

last summer lookbook last summer lookbook

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What do you think of this last summer lookbook? And the outfits? What is your favorite dress?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

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