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military trend

Is military making a huge come back this season? It would appear so. As far as I remember, it is a trend that I have always seen, whether it was in fashion magazines or shop windows. The military trend comes and goes but never completely disappears. No matter the season, you will always have an expression of it in the colors, shapes or details.

Why do you think military always comes back? Probably because we are super fond of it, right? That would be the most obvious answer. Another reason might be that in the crazy world we are living in, we are always prepared for battle. Figuratively speaking of course. Even though sometimes our lives are such a mess that it indeed compares to a battlefield. Moving on…

When I think about the trend, the first thing that comes into my mind is kaki. What about you? The English used to wear red, the French blue. Kaki is recent in the military. So why then? A really good question which answer is probably linked to habit. A topic for research for sure. But what I can tell you is that many more colors can fit into the trend and that is also what makes it amazing!

Jackets are my favorite part of the military trend. They always look so sophisticated and luxurious. They structure and the silhouette are so elegant. Black and gold go all the way together. There are so many way to style it. Black is perfect. Skirt, tights and boots to keep it simple and elegant. Colors remain essential to make it more cheerful, which is why I choose a white tee and a bright red bag. Overall I am quite happy with the look I pulled together!

This look is the first one where I am using these new ankle boots. I had been looking for some of the kind in a really long time but could never find the perfect fit. It looks like H&M heard my prayers because that’s where I got mine from. They are so comfortable despite the height of the heels, also super elegant and fashionable! Furthermore, they go really well with all kinds of outfits!
military trendJacket, top, skirt – Boohoo
Boots – H&M
Bag – Camaïeu
Tights – Primark

What do you think of this outfit? Do you like it? Do you like the military trend? Have you ever worn anything military? How did you style it? Tell me everything!

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