Indoor Photoshoot Ideas For Content Creation During Self-Isolation

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

As the pandemic carries on, so does social distancing. So far, it is the only way to limit the spread of the virus and to keep us all safe. The sooner and the better we self-isolate, the quicker COVID-19 will stop spreading and the faster will we be back outside. Especially now that it is spring and that New York City has had some very beautiful days. The only issue is, for us bloggers, social-distancing drastically limits our opportunities to create content. Street Photo-shooting is not an “essential business”, so we have to stay in. Thus, we have to be a bit more creative with our content creation and be on the lookout for some good indoor photoshoot ideas.

Shooting indoors is tough. Let’s be honest straight away. It is a great way to create content and an amazing way to fill your time during self-isolation. However, it is true that it is harder that shooting outside. To me at least. Now that I am fully comfortable in front of the camera and can shoot outfits in the middle of a crowd, being back to shooting indoors was both strange and hard. Plus, I do believe that finding indoor photoshoot ideas require more creativity than street style shooting. Why? Because, as far as I am concerned, I do not have equipment, props nor the space. Thus, I had to learn to do with what I have. So, how did I do?

5 indoor photoshoot ideas

I know a lot of bloggers are used to shooting indoors. During my flatlay period, I was always shooting inside. Everything changed when I drifted towards fashion content. Plus, as I do enjoy being in my photos, I also had to find a way around not having anyone to help me. Those ideas and tips are just as much for bloggers who shoot indoors all the time or bloggers used to the streets. Whomever is looking for indoor photoshoot ideas will find help here.

The first thing to do in my opinion is to do your research. I created a Pinterest board called “indoor photography” where I save ideas. Then, I needed to find a way to self-photoshoot. I am very lucky in the sense that my camera, an Olympus Pen, can connect to the wifi and to an app on my phone so that it can be used as remote control. Which solved the issue of shooting alone. Finally, beyond writing down my vision for each photo, I made sure I had the props I needed. If you need to buy props, I suggest buying one or two things that you can use in multiple photos. Now, let’s dive into those indoor photoshoot ideas.

1. Bubbles, books and fairy lights

It is not breaking news that fairy lights are very often used for indoor photography. It is also a blogger’s favorite. I have personally used fairy lights a few times while shooting food content. The bokeh effects it creates is fantastic! Books are also common photography props. Although I am not a bookstagrammer or book blogger, and do not often shoot with books, I am a book lover! I do read quite a lot each month. Thus, it made sense for me to try using books as props.

One thing I had always wanted to shoot with but had never done until now was bubbles. They look great on photos but they require such a timing that it is indeed difficult to shoot alone as far as bubbles are concerned. You need to have time to blow the bubbles or for the bubbles to get closer to the lens. Before that you had to set the focus, the timer and get back in position. But the result is great!

As I looked for indoor photoshoot ideas, tried many angles, many poses and camera mode, I also realized that very often, bloggers overthink photo composition a bit. Especially when shooting inside. Since all photos are cropped to square or portrait mode, it does not matter so much if there are things on the side. They will be cropped out or easily removed on Photoshop.

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

2. Flowers and flower crowns

Flowers are also a common props in photography. So far, I have mostly used them when doing flatlays. Not so much when doing self-portrait. They do make great props as they add color to your photos as well as making for a better composition. I do like having flowers in my photos, although not display them obviously. When flowers are closed to the camera, the lens will focus on your face (as it should for a portrait), blurring out the flower. Thus, there will just be a colorful shape at the front.

I have done that multiple times, using flowers foreground of a photo when self-shooting here for example. Or asked my photographer to use flowers to change the composition a bit, like here.  They also make great props when held in your arms, against you, towards the camera, etc. Flowers are super versatile and a great pop of color.

I have also been experimenting with flower crowns. A friends of mine wears flower crowns all the time and I figured I should try at last. Wearing a flower crown is like wearing a hat. It gives a complete different dimension and vibe to a photo. And I think it works great in self-portraits, which is why I included it in those indoor photoshoot ideas!

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

3. Neon slinky, fairy lights and fringe curtain

Third of those indoor photoshoot ideas and probably my favorite. Of all the photos I took during that indoor photoshoot, those two really are my absolute favorites and I was super excited to share them with you! I got the ideas of the foil curtain from The Grace Mattei a long time ago and really wanted to try it out too! The lockdown was the perfect occasion!

First, the curtain can be stored and reused super easily. Second, it makes for the perfect photo background and you can see that I have used it in most photos here. I tweaked it a bit on Photoshop when the fringes were not covering the whole wall but I think it looks amazing. On the first photos, I used fairy lights that I rolled on a ball and just hold in my hands.

The second photo, even though more creative and seemingly more difficult to do, was actually pretty quick and easy to take! I placed my camera on a tripod, leaving it as short as possible and facing upward. Then, I stuck one end of the slinky around my camera lens while I hold up the other end. That was literally it. I have wanted to try shooting with a slinky for quite some time but in my head, it would be outdoors and quite far from the lens but indoors work just as well!

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

4. Flowers, books and fairy lights

Right, so this one turned out to be a bit more difficult to shoot. My balance was not that great, standing on my knees on our TV stands, plus holding those books, plus playing with the fairy lights. It still worked though but I required my husband’s assistance in taking the photos. I believe with a remote and a timer, it is still very achievable. Anyways…

I think flowers, books and fairy lights are classics when it comes to taking photos for Instagram but also when it comes to creating content indoors. You have them already, so use them as props. Since I am staying at home, I have more time to read (just because I do not commute to work. Walking to the dining table takes just a few seconds). And I know that sometimes it can be hard to find book ideas.

That is how I got the idea for this picture. I wanted a book themed image so that I could caption around books and what to read during quarantine. Then, I had this vision in my head with the light and dress. I believe books are very versatile and can be used in many ways. Even to build a fort. How Instagrammable would that be?!

5. Books, ball gown and fake brick wall

Finally, last but not least of those indoor photoshoot ideas. You can notice the importance of books in all those shoots. After all, that’s the third idea featuring books. This time, I decided to go for a more romantic vibe. I swear no book was harmed in the process of taking this photo. 

Again I had a precise vision in my head of what I wanted to achieve. Although, in my head, I had longer hair and went for a more dramatic pose. I did try it but it did not look good enough for me. So decided to change the pause. My flat does not have a brick wall so I just used a small backdrop I had for a year, stuck it to the wall and then photoshopped it to make it bigger.

Right, to be honest, I wanted this photo to have a Belle vibe. Hence the gown. Although red not yellow. I thought a floor made of books would make for a nice idea and add something to the photo. Also, ball gowns and huge skirts always make for a more dramatic effect. And can create something really interesting when you play with angles. From below, a ball gown will make you look much taller.

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Those are five indoor photoshoot ideas that will allow you to keep creating content even during social distancing and self-isolation. Let me know which one is your favorite! Or how you yourself create content indoors!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

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    These are so cool and creative! I would never have thought to use these props, thanks for sharing! 😀 xx

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