Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein*

I have been wearing so much florals lately that I feel I am turning into Ana, who is the queen of floral outfits. And my best friend, so you better go check her blog out! I love to nail a floral outfit during spring. After all, flowers may not be ground breaking, they are still iconic and a must-wear. To me at least. At to Ana for sure. Queen of floral outfits, remember?! If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you may have read other blog posts with floral outfit ideas. Because there were a few.

Whether I put together some early spring outfits, embraced the floral print a few years back, decide to style a floral outfit in the middle of winter, or wore the floral print on a maxi dress, floral outfits are a wardrobe staple to me. So this is me coming back with more florals and three floral outfit ideas. This blog post is in partnership with Shein as they gifted me all the floral dresses featured in this post.

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For disclosure, I have been working with Shein for more than two years now, on an on-going long-term partnership. They gift me outfits and accessories in exchange for content on my blog. They were also kind enough to give me a 15% off discount code for you guys to use on their website. It is 2tea15 and valid on the entire website, sale items included!

Floral outfit ideas for spring with Shein

Now, let’s get into those three floral outfit ideas for Spring. Being confined indoors for more than a month now and unable to shoot outside, I had to get a little bit more creative and do with what I had in my flat. I turned it into a tiny photo studio and actually really like how the photos turned out. I hope you will too. The weather has been sh*t lately so even if I had been able to get outside, not sure I would have shot anyway!

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1. Maxi dress fever

This first floral outfit was subject to a lot of thinking and hesitation. I know that people say “if you’re hesitant, you’ve got your answer”. Yet, I was not sure. I loved that dark floral dress when I saw it on Shein. It looked amazing, loved the different print, the frill as well as the sleeves. However, the questions as to when and where I’d wear it immediately popped up. That’s a fair question to be honest. Especially as I barely leave the flat these days.

Sure, I can definitely wear this floral dress indoors. I feel good in that dress. It is tight on purpose around the waist and hips. Something I always had a bit of a complex about are my hips. But, the way this floral dress highlights it really makes me look good in that dress. So, yes, I still do not know when I’d be able to wear that dress. However, since I feel very good in it, I do not regret my decision of picking it. After all, clothes are meant to make you feel good.

Accessory-wise, this floral outfit is super simple. A little hamper bag I have had for a year (also gifted by Shein) and simple black high heels. The dress has two different floral prints, which makes it quite busy so I figured anything else should be rather simple. That’s one of three floral outfit ideas, which I hope you will love just as much as I do!

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Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein

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2. Balloon sleeves obsession

You will notice that all those floral outfit ideas feature dresses that are rather tight around the waist and hip areas. The goal being to highlight hourglass types of body shape. Not sure that’s my body shape but the dresses seem to work for me. I am not very used to wearing such sort of dresses but I actually do like it a lot. This one floral dress caught my eyes because the sleeves are enormous!

Actually, this outfit was the funniest to shoot because I tried something different on the photos I will use on Instagram. The first one is already up should you want to have a look at it! Again, this floral dress immediately made me think of Ana because that’s exactly the type of style she would have worn. I love the pink blush color as well as the rose print. But again, the sleeves…

I have a thing for big balloon sleeves. Seriously. It is not my first dress of the kind. They just add something to an outfit. Again, this floral outfit is already quite something because of the floral print. That is why, accessory-wise, I decided to go for simple pieces. A very cute red bag as well as the same black high heels as above. I think a simple blush blazer would complement that floral outfit really well! What do you think?

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Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein

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3. Off the shoulder forever

Last but not least of those three floral outfit ideas for spring with Shein is this gorgeous off-the-shoulder maxi dress in a lilac floral print. And I am obsessed! This dress was on my radar for a very long time. The same questioning happens as with the first of the floral dresses featured in this blog post. But again, I loved the design, the color and the print. Plus, of-the-shoulder is one of my favorite designs! So I gave in.

And here we are… If only I had a picnic to go to, or a gala, or somewhere to wear it. My flat will do for now. The shape of the skirt is fairly similar to the first floral dress: open on the side, frills, highlights the waist. But again, what made me want this floral dress is the asymmetric style. I just love it. 

I felt that this floral outfit was much easier to style since the print isn’t as striking as with the other two. Indeed, I think it is much more delicate. From far away it would look like pastel color shapes. That’s why I may have gone a bit bolder with the accessories. Although they are still pretty neutral in my opinion. A blush blazer, black high heels as well as my favorite pearl beaded bag. What do you think?

Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein Floral Outfit Ideas For Spring With Shein

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What do you think of those three floral outfit ideas? Do you wear florals often? What is your favorite print? Have you ever shopped on Shein? How do you like the pieces you got?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post!

See you soon,

*gifted items.


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