Fanciful Doll: Two Fairytale Dresses, One Review

Fanciful Doll: Two Fairytale Dresses, One Review

Who does not want to feel like a princess? As far as I am concerned, I’ll skip the mountain of duties, etiquette lessons and obligations. Would I say “no” to a princess wardrobe? Hell, no! Give me the dress! If Oscar de la Renta is way beyond your wallet and Selkie above your budget, Fanciful Doll might just do the trick!

Fanciful Doll is a whimsical, ultra feminine brand, inspired by fairytales, romance and magic. Inspired by the modern princesses, the dresses are made for those wishing to create their own fairytale and transcend the constraints of the modern world. The brand offers a few styles that come in a variety of colors, prints and patterns.

According to the Fanciful Doll website, each piece is handcrafted and hand-sewn, thus taking a stand against fast fashion and it’s dominance in today’s world. Similar to Selkie dresses, Fanciful Doll dresses are made in China in small batches. Now, you already know my opinion on Selkie dresses, which are now close to vital to my wardrobe. How dresses from Fanciful Doll worth it though?

Carry on reading if you want to know! I purchased two fairytale dresses and here are my thoughts.

The Midnight Rose Belle Dress

The Midnight Rose Belle Dress by Fanciful Doll is a long gown made of printed purple organza. The dress has multiple layers of organza in addition to a lining to give the structure volume and ensure it is not see-through. The hem of this dress is no less than 6.5 meters in circumference!

The bodice of this fairytale dress is fitted and the dress has a high waist. The puff sleeves, which are signature to the brand, can be worn off the shoulder in a Bardot style or on the shoulder. I personally find that the dress is more comfortable when the sleeves are worn off the shoulder.

The dress also comes with a sewn-in belt meant to form a bow at the back. The bodice closes with a zipper. I ordered the dress in a size M, which turned out to be an inch too small. Thus, I had to get the dress altered so that I was able to close the zipper. The tailor used the fabric from the belt and the alteration is invisible to the eyes. However, it did come at quite the price.

The brand does not offer return for international orders, so being based in the US, I either had to let the dress take the dust in my closet, or alter it to be able to wear it. Beyond that little hiccup, I have to say, the Midnight Rose Belle Dress is absolutely stunning. It is a pleasure to wear and it does make you feel like a princess.

I find the gown beautiful and I love it. Fanciful Dress created a very effective design for sure. However, is a £239 price tag justified for the dress? The gown is Made in China after all and without access to the behind-the-scenes, it is always very difficult to tell. Looking at the price tag for other ball gowns, I’d say it is in range. There will be for sure be similar gowns at a more affordable price.

fairytale dress ball gown ball gown

Sugarplum Marie Dress

It would make sense to transition from a maxi dress to a midi dress to a mini dress. However, here, let’s jump straight to the mini dress, which is the Sugarplum Marie Dress by Fanciful Doll. The babydoll dress does exhibit those signature puff sleeves that you may wear on or off the shoulder. Here again, I find it more comfortable when the sleeves are off the shoulder.

The Sugarplum Marie Dress combines an empire line bust panel with a super frothy skirt. The structure is made of multiple layers of plain pink organza, tulle and a lining. The dress is fully lined so no bra is necessary at the bustier level and even the darkest of underwear would not come through the fabric. 

The bodice is fitted and closes in the back with a zipper. The dress comes with a sash belt that can be tied under the bust in a big bow, or used as an oversized hair tie. I personally have not used the belt nor seen any use for it.

I got the sugarplum dress in a size M, similarly to the dress above. However, this one did not require any alterations. It fits fairly well and closes easily. This is why I was a bit surprise by the difference in fit between two dresses in identical sizes. Although I find the dress beautiful, I do feel it is a tiny bit too short and you can clearly not bend or squat while wearing it.

Overall, I think it is a stunning dress and the cutest attire. It does look amazing in pictures and would be a great party dress. The price point is obviously lower than the ball gown, and Selkie dresses of the same style are twice as expensive.

Fanciful Doll: Two Fairytale Dresses, One Review Fanciful Doll: Two Fairytale Dresses, One Review Two Fairytale Dresses

To conclude, I would say that both dresses are gorgeous and feel amazing to the touch. The fabric does not feel cheap and the dresses do not look cheap either. You can tell a lot of thoughts has been put in the designs, that everything is solidly sewn together and that the dresses are meant to last.

I think Fanciful Dress makes wonderful ball or occasion dresses but I would find it difficult to wear any dresses outside of those contexts. If price is not an issue for you, then by all means, go crazy and treat yourself. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable and versatile, maybe Fanciful Dress is not the best option.

Do you own a dress from Fanciful Doll? What is your opinion on the garments? Were you considering getting a dress from the brand? For what occasion?

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