Early Summer Lookbook With Shein

Early Summer Lookbook With Shein

Summer is finally here! And I am behind with everything blogging-related (you’ve seen how late my May reading wrap up came along), including this early summer lookbook with Shein. But at least, I am posting it before fall starts so we are good!

I have to admit, I do not have much motivation for blogging lately. Even following my own advice on the topic has become complicated. All my indoor photos are bombing on Instagram and still being under lockdown, it is very difficult for me to take photos outside my flat.

Even in my flat, I do not have that many props to use nor that many ideas that could work. I have indeed tried a few indoor content ideas before but somedays, the motivation or creativity are just not there. Some other times, things just do not work. This early summer lookbook with Shein was easier to produce since my backdrop was a simple white bedsheet.

Yes, I have jumped on that bandwagon!

However, I am back in the office now as New York City entered phase 2 of its reopening. Even though my work is not open for customers, the marketing office is, so I am back there. Thus, I can show off my cute summer dresses, hence why this early summer lookbook!

1. Bardot and sheer fever

This dress is  probably the prettiest of this early summer lookbook. Look at the pastel floral print, lilac color and the bardot design. I find it incredibly romantic a dress and would be perfect to walk on the Riviera. The bustier  is not see-through, so no need to wear a bra, and holds to the skin thanks to plastic bands.

It sure is the prettiest dress of the lot but still one I wonder when I’ll get a chance to wear.  Since air travel is not encouraged and travelers from the US can either not enter Europe or must self-quarantine for 14 days, I won’t see the Riviera before a very long time.

But at least I get to wear this dress at home or when filming videos for Booktube. After all, I may not have anywhere to wear  it now, it still is the prettiest! And easily accessorized with black wedges and gold earrings.

early summer lookbook with shein early summer lookbook with shein

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2. Open back

I have a dress that is quite similar to this one in my wardrobe already. If you are wondering what dress I am talking about, it is the one I wear on the photos of my “how to stay productive while working from home” blog post. I had spotted it on Nasty Gal and bought it straight away. The sleeves and the sheer fabric were enough to fall in love.

The same happened with this dress. The design is pretty similar although we have a floral print here. Plus, the shape of this dress is slightly different, especially around the skirt. However, my favorite part of it is the open back.

Scroll down to the third photo of this outfit in this early summer lookbook for a peek. I just love the shape and the design. Again, it is quite easy to accessorize with those black wedges. And to be honest, this one is perfect for the office, a walk in the park, going shopping.

Early Summer Lookbook With Shein Early Summer Lookbook With Shein

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3. Even more flowers

Last but not least of this early summer lookbook is this super cute dress with a vibrant yellow and green floral print. I have to admit that looking at the shape and design, I hesitated before picking it. And indeed, once tried on, the start of the frill at the bottom of the dress falls “mid-butt cheek”. Thus, it covers most of my behind and makes it look like I don’t really have one.

Which was a weird sight, not gonna lie. However, I still very like this dress. The print is super nice, perfect for summer, very colorful. The fabric is a bit thicker than your usual summer dress. That is probably why it is not see-through. Again, no need to wear a bra.

Which in summer is a benediction, since boob sweating is the worst. With this dress I wear my black wedges as well as my favorite little straw bag which I have had for a year now!

Early Summer Lookbook With Shein

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What do you think of this early summer lookbook? Any dresses that you like? Which one is your favorite?

Don’t forget, you can get 15% off Shein with code 2tea15, even on sales items!

Thanks a lot for stopping by! I hope you liked this post!

See you soon,

*gifted items.


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  1. July 3, 2020 / 3:43 pm

    if these came in the plus sizes I would order each one

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