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  • DOs & DON’Ts Of Instagram


    Instagram is one of the main social media out there. It is super important for bloggers who rely on imagery. Instagram is all about pictures after all. It is also a social media that proved tricky and changing. It was fairly easy to get a good engagement and grow a following few years ago. Unfortunately, the algorithm changed this. I hope this post will make it easier for you to make it on Instagram.

    DOs of Instagram

    1. Like, comment, follow
    The best way to get people to have a look at your account and eventually follow you is to go on their profile first. You can either scroll through the followers of a profile you follow or just look at the research tab. Try to focus on account that belong to the same niche as you or that are interested in the same things. Like pictures and drop comments. Ask questions. Engage with your current and potential followers. Reading your name in a comment could spark someone’s curiosity and drive them to your profile.

    2. Create a signature look
    You want people to follow you. They will follow you if they find you interesting. They won’t be interested in your work if you do the same as everybody else. Thus, you must create unique content that defines you. It must be specific to you. The best way to achieve this is just to be yourself and post things you like. How you style your pictures, add filters and organize your feed is also completely up to you. You choose how you want colors and posts to be coordinated to make it like you.

    3. Be consistent
    Consistency is not just about your posting frequency. You obviously want your follower to stay with you. Thus, you have to post regularly so that they will still find a value in your posts. Consistency also concerns the quality and theme of your pictures. If you have always taken high quality pictures make sure you follow through and don’t post lower quality pictures. This is the best way to loose followers. If you have decided for a theme when you started, keep it or warn your followers that you’ll change. However, don’t do it too often. Remember, people like consistency.

    4. Show your face
    There are beautiful Instagram feeds out there. They are creative, refined and neat. The pictures are of high quality. However, they often come across as impersonal. There is always someone behind a nice Instagram account, sometimes even several people. And as much as your followers will love your feed, they will also love to see that you are a real person. It makes you more accessible and relatable, which is the primary purpose of social media. You don’t have to post pictures of yourself every second day. Once in a while is enough.

    5. Use hashtags
    Hashtags allow people who are interested in a certain topic or type of images to find people interested in the same things and likely to post pictures accordingly. If you want people to find you, use the correct hashtags. Instagram allows thirty hashtags per caption, which leaves plenty of space and opportunity to reach out to potential followers. A lot of people say that five to eleven hashtags are ideal. Personally, I’d say that you should use as many hashtag as you feel like. It’s your profile after all.

    DONT’S of Instagram

    1. Follow/unfollow
    This trend has been massive lately and has driven a lot of bloggers crazy. Basically, people follow you to get a follow back. They will either unfollow you when you do give them a follow back or just follow you no matter what happens. It is super annoying mainly because it is super manipulative. While you should follow an account because you like it, expecting the person to follow back is not genuine and unfollowing when you don’t get what you want is childish. Also, people put a lot of effort in their pictures and unfollowing for no reason is disrespectful. You usually unfollow a profile because you no longer like it… Also, as a warning, Instagram now shadowbans users who frantically follow and unfollow: your account will have  a private account status although still public. People won’t able to find you anywhere, in the research tab nor through hashtags. Only your followers will see your posts.

    2. Spamming
    Liking and commenting pictures are great for engagement. To a certain limit. When you just drop comments such as “like it”, “love it, “great post” or some hearts, people know that it is fake. Yes, you can love a picture or the styling of a picture but since you are already commenting, you can be more specific. Say why you like the picture or write an actual compliment. People will be more grateful and also more likely to go on your profile and follow you. Also, this kind of comments looks like comments generated by bots, so people may not even know that’s a real person behind it.

    3. Buy followers
    Buying followers had sparked a lot of controversies on the blogosphere. You can see loads of articles saying how bad it is to buy followers, how pathetic, fake, etc. I personally don’t care about what you do. It is your life, your choice. If you feel like buying followers can help you, then do it but I hope you won’t regret it. The danger with buying followers is that it is clearly and obviously fake. You will pay a fortune to get followers who are either bots or random people not interested in your work. As a results, you will have a bigger following but zero engagement. If you are looking at working with brands, remember: they like followers but they like engagement better. Buying followers doesn’t sound like a good investment.

    4. Take crappy picture
    Every person is different. Individuals are unique and nobody thinks the same. However, there is something most of us have in common. We want to see beautiful things. We want to appreciate beauty. This applies to Instagram too. People want to see beautiful pictures and won’t waste time on an ugly, neglected and rushed profile. If your pictures are crappy, people won’t follow you.

    5. Like random pictures
    Liking picture is a great way to put yourself out there, make people find out about your profile and get them to follow you. However, you must like pictures that you actually really like from people with similar interest to yours. Don’t like pictures just for the sake of it. If you’re not interested in the picture you like, it is likely that the person will not be interested in yours. You will lose time or again, will get followers who won’t engage with you.

    These may seem common knowledge, cliché or common sense. You may already know all of these. Yet, I still hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any other tips, feel free to share them below. We appreciate all the help we can get.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this post.

    See you soon,


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