Did I Actually Find The Perfect Jeans?

Did I Actually Find The Perfect Jeans?

Right, I have talked about this before. Not that I actually found the perfect jeans, or maybe a little, but tips to find them. Back in 2018 when I was still living in London and when I spent a significant amount of time photoshooting at the weekend. It feels so far.


Let’s get back to the point. Back then, I did give my best tips on how to find the best jeans. We all know how tricky that can be. No one brand is the same, sizing is always different, body shapes as well. There is always something wrong with he sizing, the fitting, the design.

As far as I am concerned, I always struggle with jeans that are too tight at the thighs but way too large at the bag of my hips. It is always the same problem. I end up having to wear a belt tightly, which of course is not that comfortable. The back of the jeans creases against my back, not nice.

At that post in 2018, I basically said that I had given up on finding the perfect jeans. That I was not even trying to shop either online or in store. Pointless you may say. The results was always the same. Frustrated in the fitting room because nothing would work.

Especially when a size 10 in Primark would be a 16 in H&M?!

Not good for body confidence.

But you know, you actually never know.

So, as part of a new collaboration with SHEIN, I decided to take a risk. My old Primark slim jeans were reaching the end of their life and I was actually tried of tight jeans. Plus, with the pandemic, I did gained so weight so not ideal… With my body shape it is always a bit hard to know what will fit.

I have tried flares, slims, boyfriends, with more or less success. One thing I had never tried however are mom  jeans. No idea why. Maybe I was not certain about the shape. Maybe I thought I was too old? Apparently,  my generation should not wear mom jeans… Don’t k now where that is coming from.


I browsed SHEIN’s jean collection and found a gem. Very randomly I may add. I like the shape, the color, the design. It was high rise too so maybe it would hug my hips just right. And right it did! It fit perfectly! So much so that I almost could not believe it. 

Had I finally and actually found the perfect jeans for me?

If so, they came from SHEIN and I am still so surprised that nothing from the likes of Levi’s, Pepe jeans or Topshop (known for good jeans) worked for me. 

I have been wearing those jeans so many times already. At work, on a stroll around the city, at the park, with heels, with sneakers, with flats. They are versatile  and go with everything! The legs are wide enough to the jeans are not tight at any point. The length is perfect too, although I do like to roll to ends up for style.

The size is also perfect. No need for a belt. Or yes, but just for style. I am honestly as surprised as you but yes, I did actually found the perfect jeans that 100% worked for  me and they came from SHEIN. Remember that you can get 15% off your SHEIN order with my code 5CORINNE.

Did I Actually Find The Perfect Jeans?

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Mom Jeans – SHEIN
Bustier top – SHEIN
Air Jordan 1 – Halftime Kickz

What about you? Do you find it easy to find the perfect jeans? Where did you find them? What do you think of those mom jeans? Are they a style you’d wear?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

*All items in this outfit were gifted to me by SHEIN  and Halftime Kickz.


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