Choosing The Coil As Contraceptive: Four Months On

Getting The Coil: 4 Months On

Back in April, I went to the gynecologist to try out a new contraception: the coil or IUD. I had mentioned in a previous blog post why I had come off the pill. First of all, it was giving me migraines. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I do suffer from those already. Therefore, getting a contraception likely to increase their frequency was not a good idea.

Second, the pill I was on, which was micro-dosed with only one hormone, made my period super difficult to track. I would either not bleed at all or bleed all the time. That is what happen the two times I was on the pill. It was therefore either stressful or inconvenient. Even though I had been thinking about the implant for quite some time, I was afraid that the effect would be the same as the pill, since it is hormonal.

The only non-hormonal contraception that remained was the coil. The copper coil. Let’s not speak about condoms here. They are the only way to prevent STIs but not the topic of this blog post.

The issue with the coil is that it is the subject of a lot of misconceptions. The first being that only older women who already had babies can get it. Wrong. Anyone can get the coil and it does not impact your fertility or ability to have babies later at all. That is a myth.

Another is that the insertion is the most painful thing in the world. This might be true for some women, but certainly not all women. I have heard friends share their story of their IUD insertion. Some had bad experience, some even gave up on getting the coil. Other did not feel a thing during or after.

I personally felt a bit of discomfort as the intra-uterine device was inserted. Regardless of what you go to the gynecologist for, it is never very pleasant. I did feel a few cramps while the coil was being placed. Yet, it was such a quick procedure that in the end, there was no pain nor anything that would make it a terrible experience.

Third, people say they have horrible cramps immediately after the insertion and in the month after. Again, this is subjective and changes from one woman to another. Personally, I did not really have cramps. Or maybe weak ones during the hour after but that was it. I quickly forgot about the coil once home. But again, it varies.

My experience of getting the IUD was very smooth, from the preliminary appointment, to the insertion up to the follow up. My gynecologist did not question my choice of contraception at all and confirmed that due to my medical history (migraines and cystic ovaries), it was the safest contraception for me. Regardless, and even before knowing, he did not judge nor tried to make me change my mind. I know a lot of people who were not that lucky.

As I said, the insertion was very smooth as well and I barely experienced any side effects. The gynecologist had warned me that my period would take some time to adjust, up to three months. And it did take some time indeed. Around a month though.

My follow up appointment was very positive too. The gynecologist just made sure the coil was still in place and everything was right. But beyond that, nothing. As far as I am concerned, I have been having a great experience with the coil. I do admit that there is a certain psychological aspect to it. A lot of people are very negative about the IUD so women may be afraid, which in turn will have an impact on the body and how it receives and handle this foreign object.

Again, each woman’s experience is different for many reasons. I am sharing mine. It was smooth, painless and it has been a blast ever since I had the IUD inserted. My period, although a bit rocky during the first month, is regular again. I do not have to stress about taking a pill every day at the same time or that my contraception may incur more migraines.

Migraines are f*cking annoying in case you do not know.

Do not listen to all the misconceptions. They are false. The coil or IUD works amazingly well. It takes a huge burden off your shoulders. No more stress. And that my friends, is a life changer! Regardless of your age, you should always ask for advice to a professional when it comes to birth control. In the end, they will be the best able to tell you what contraception to choose depending on your medical history.

Bust just know that I chose the coil and that it works amazingly well for me.

Getting The Coil: 4 Months On

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What contraception are you? Does it work for you? Are you happy with it? Ever though of getting the coil?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked this post. 

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