Blogging Tips

Welcome to my blogging tips folder

This “blogging tips” folder includes all my content marketing related blog posts. My blogging tips category is here to help my current and potential readers start, improve and run a successful blog. This is my second blog. I can thus guarantee that growing a blog is a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment. It is also a big learning curve. As a matter of fact, when I started, I had no content marketing experience and was learning while doing.

Starting and growing my own blog not only allowed me a space to share my thoughts, favorites and findings. It also helped me secure jobs within the marketing industry. Blogging may seem like a hobby but it ends up become something you learn a lot from. In those days of social media craze and focus. on content marketing, it’s good to gather all the SEO and blogging tips you can get. You never know, it may be (will almost certainly) useful in a professional role once you leave university. In the end, most of what I know now is based on trying and testing with this blog. Thus, I now start to know my way around content marketing.

Where do my blogging tips come from

Furthermore, I have been working in marketing most my career. Either as a social media manager or as a digital marketing manager. Thus,  I have worked on ads, social media, influencers, PR, content creation, emails, copywriting and SEO. Some roles focused more on particular aspects of digital marketing. This allowed me to focus and specialize more on those, thus learning their peculiarities more in depth. Yet, most of what I knew when I started, I owe it to this blog. I applied those self-taught skills to my daily work.

As I learnt new skills at work, I too got some new blogging tips to share. Indeed, I applied this newly learnt knowledge to improving my blog.  After seeing results, I thought it was time to share with my audience what I knew could help them run a successful blog. In conclusion, this blogging tips folder is all about SEO tips, content marketing, social media management tips and anything related that you may need as you start your blogging journey.

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