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Luxamore NYC

Since I moved to NYC, I tried a few brunch and lunch places around the city. Yet, I never thought of reporting on them afterwards… So I decided it is time to change that and write about the places I go to. Because, you never know, you might be looking for recommendations should you be coming to NYC soon. So let’s start with Luxamor NYC, which is in the West Village.

I never really know where to go for food, so it is mainly my friends who know where to take me. Either because they’ve been here for a long time or because they are much more proactive than I am. Anyway, Evangeline wanted to try out Luxamor NYC, and I needed to shoot a few outfits, so we hit two birds with one stone. And did both on the same day.

First thing you noticed when you get in Luxamor NYC is how instagrammable it is. Millenial pink and pastel blue, velvety benches and green plants. It has a bit of a Sketch vibe when you look at it. And the porcelain is super pretty. Floral and vintage. Perfect for photos.

We didn’t not eat inside and decided to seat outside, as the weather was very good. Thus, we had another decor, with metallic white chairs and tables, big parasols, pinks walls and plant pots on walls. Just as cute.

The menu there is absolutely crazy. Again, everything is very instagrammable. Look at the waffle plates and you’ll get what I mean! They do starters, main and desserts. Starters are often big enough, especially if you are tempted by a dessert. While Evangeline started with avocado on toast – sorry, avocado on hash brown – I decided to go for pancakes. I love pancakes. One of my fav things here in the US! So fluffy and delicious!

And also really filling. So much so, I did not need anything else… While they are categorized as a starter. Never mind. They were delicious and so was the avo on toast, since I got to try a bite of it. Then, Evangeline had a coconut quench. It is a coconut shaped chocolate shell filled with coconut mousse, poppyseed ganache & lemon poppy cake. It did look delicious and so cute too!

One thing with New York, is that food in cute places always end up super expensive. Or they start affordable but then you need to add tax and tip, which make the food very expensive in the end. But I was surprised how affordable Luxamor NYC was. I paid $21 tip and tax included for an Earl Grey tea and a stack of three pancakes. It’s around £18. I feel like it’s the norm in London, isn’t it?

One thing I do all the time, and really need to stop doing, is comparing NYC and London. Life-wise, price-wise, food-wise, subway-wise.

Overall, we had a great experience and the place is beautiful. Perfect for photos and super cute. It is not too expensive for NYC and for the West Village. The food was really good and I’d happily go back there!

Luxamore NYC Luxamore NYC Luxamore NYC

What do you think of this place? And the food? Would you give it a go? Are you looking for food place recommendations in NYC? You coming to the city soon?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope you liked this post.

See you soon,


  1. August 19, 2019 / 4:17 pm

    Corinne this place is super chic, everything you just enjoy as a millennial! I too like eating pancakes at restaurant one of my favorite brunch treats besides egg dishes? The coconut when h sounds divine! I always enjoy reading posts about different types of foodie adventures ?

    Natonya |

  2. August 21, 2019 / 12:05 pm

    I live in NYC too and I definitely have to give this place a try it’s super cute!

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