Brunch at The Garden Room, Atlanta GA

Brunch at The Garden Room, Atlanta GA

So, I went to Atlanta for a weekend earlier in September, and I have to say, I was not prepared at all. Usually, any time I go somewhere, I do a bit of research and scout locations and things to do. Not this time. I was very tired, and my husband and I collectively decided to just go with the flow. But still, when it comes to going to a new city, it’s always better to take a look at what’s available, and so I eventually did. And that’s how I stumbled upon The Garden Room.

To be fully transparent, I just had to type in “most instagrammable restaurants in Atlanta” to find it. The Garden Room was recommended by a ton of articles on Google as well as Instagram. You know me, a bit of floral decorations and I am in! And so, I booked us brunch as soon as I could, which was already too late. The place is pretty popular in Atlanta and so there was not much availability but I still found us a table.

Brunch at The Garden Room, Atlanta GA

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One thing about The Garden Room, as that I did not expect it to be this far from our hotel or to require a car ride to get there. Atlanta is indeed a care city, so lesson learned. Unless you have your own car, or rent a car, Uber will be your best friend. Except if you go to Atlanta during a football game weekend. Then it’s gonna be tricky to find transport but I digress.

The Garden Room is located in Buckhead, north of Atlanta, which is a new residential and commercial development. It includes a lot of hotels and most of the shops there are luxury and high couture. Which was somehow reflected in The Garden Room and adjacent hotel. Because yes, it is attached to The St Regis, and should I have known, I’d have dressed up better.

All jokes aside, we did feel a bit underdressed. Everybody was in their Sunday best and we were in holiday outfits so be warned and dress up if you go there. I mean, all the women’s outfits were beautiful so I am all here for it. And obviously, the St Regis itself is a beautiful hotel so… Anywho…

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The beautiful venue

The Garden Room, as the name indicates, looks like a big giant garden in a greenhouse. The whole structure if decorated with ivy, vines and other foliage along with climbing roses and other faux flowers. It is absolutely beautiful and the venue does deserve it’s title of one of most instagrammable restaurants in Atlanta for sure. The bar is a long rectangle around a tree and lined with beautiful golden chair with pink velvet cushions.

Each individual tables as a marble top and all the couches are decorated with loads of beautiful cushions. So comfy and cozy I must say. The venue is pretty big and elongated and almost feels like a train station terminal with the apparent pipes and industrial style under all the foliage.

The food and drinks

The Garden Room doubles as a brunch place during the day and a bar in the evening. Brunch there was so lovely. Service was amazing and fast, we got everything pretty soon after we ordered. We started with some cocktails, including a Bloody Mary for my husband and a mimosa (with a little rubber duck) for me. Food wise, my husband got a crab avocado toast with pickled vegetables and I elected to get the French toast with a supplement of ice cream.

The ice cream was actually essential as it made the French toast less sweet. But I have to say that while my meal was delicious, I regretted not getting the crab avocado toast like my husband because it was so so delicious! All the flavors went so well together and the pickled vegetables really were the cherry on top of the cake. No, really, it was a great choice. Serves me well for staying on the safe side and having French toast – which were delicious, but still!


All in all, The Garden Room is a lovely place for brunch and should I ever be back in Atlanta, I would go again. I’d probably dress a little bit better and would snap a lot more pictures because the venue is just the prettiest. Price wise I would say it is on par with New York Prices. The French toast and crab avocado toast were both $22. Pretty fair. And also probably in line with the location and other restaurants around. I definitely recommend!

Brunch at The Garden Room, Atlanta GA Brunch at The Garden Room, Atlanta GA

Have you been to The Garden Room in Atlanta? If so, what did you think? Did you like it? If no, did you hear about it? Would you like to go?

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