Bottomless Afternoon Tea at London & Martin Co

Bottomless Afternoon Tea at London & Martin Co

Something I love is going to afternoon tea. When I was living in London, I tried a few of them, including the afternoon tea bus tour by Brigit’s Bakery. It was an absolute blast. Trying to keep that hobby alive after I moved to the US, I have been to a few in New York City. The latest to date? Bottomless afternoon tea at London & Martin Co.

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But let’s start with the beginning. Have I had ever heard about London & Martin Co before? No. I did actually walked past a few times as it is located on Stone St, down in the Financial District, but never paid it any mind. It was in my search for a new afternoon tea experience that I stumbled upon a great offer on Pulsd.

That’s right. Pulsd had an incredible deal for a Bottomless Royal Afternoon Tea for two at London & Martin Co. $49 instead of $100 felt like great value and so I had to purchase the voucher. A very easy decision to make I might add. And so, here we were, ready to try on a new high tea place. I have to say, it was fantastic and I was pretty impressed.

I love going for afternoon tea but I have to say that sometimes, the quantity of food just isn’t there and I am often left a bit hungry still when I leave the restaurant. Not this time. It was very filling and I was not able to finish. So do I think that the deal was worth it? Yes, absolutely. Would it have been worth it even at the regular price? Yes! Especially because the tea pot of cocktail was so big it was indeed bottomless.

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London & Martin’s Co bottomless royal afternoon tea includes a 3-tiered cake stand of sweet and savory items such as macarons, scotched eggs, sausage rolls, honey chicken waffles, and french toast bites. Besides the macarons, the food items are pretty unusual for an afternoon tea but I did not mind. I love the UK and it gave me a taste of it for an afternoon. Made me a bit nostalgic too, I must admit!

Last time I went back to London was in 2019 for a wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland before spending some time with my best friends in London for a week. Anyways, back to our business of this bottomless high tea…

Also included was a boozy tea pot with champagne and Yuzu mimosa ice cubes that was so big, it was indeed bottomless. That made about 6 cocktails. I absolutely love the concept of sipping cocktails out of a tea cup. Back in London, Little Nan’s Bar does that exactly, and I also have made earl grey and gin tea at home. 

I think the food was very good and as I said before, filling. My favorite – and my husband’s too – was the french toast, but I did really enjoy the sausage roll and scotched eggs as well. The one thing I was not really a fan off was the coffee macaron. I felt the coffee flavor was very overpowering but I am also not a big fan of coffee outside of my morning cup, so take it with a pinch of salt.

I would also say that I would have appreciated being given a plate instead of eating off the cake stand. The scotched egg was delicious, yet a bit runny. Besides that, I think London & Martin Co is a great place for brunch or bottomless afternoon tea. The inside is so beautifully decorated and has such a cozy atmosphere. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an afternoon tea or bottomless brunch that is a bit different, I would 100% recommend London & Martin Co. I was so pleasantly surprised and had a fantastic time. The food was great, the cocktail delicious and it was a great experience. That Pulsd deal could not come at a better time.

Bottomless Afternoon Tea at London & Martin Co chicken waffle and french toast scotched eggs and sausage roll macarons yuzu mimosa Bottomless Afternoon Tea at London & Martin Co

Have you ever heard of London & Martin Co before? Or been there? If so, what did you try? The brunch or afternoon tea? Would you give the bottomless royal afternoon tea a try?

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