Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Bar

Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Bar

In case you are wondering, yes, I am still deep in my search for the best afternoon teas in New York City. I have gone to quite a lot already and still expanding the list. Why? Because it’s fun. And as I mentioned before, I love the concept of afternoon tea. This time, my search lead me to The Crosby Bar, which is located in the Crosby Street Hotel, in Soho.

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To be fully honest with you, at first, I was not super hyped about the place. I could not find anything on social media and the website was not giving me much information either. Overall, there wasn’t much word of mouth that I could rely on, so I had to dig deeper. I did find some articles mentioning The Crosby Bar as a great place to get afternoon tea. Still that was not enough to give me a clear picture of what to expect.

Going somewhere blind and not having any expectations is not a bad thing in itself. There has been places that ended up being very disappointing because I had such high expectations. But The Crosby Bar ended up being lovely and a great place to get afternoon tea. In addition, the location itself is very cute and the outdoor space in the summer must truly be amazing.

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The cost per person starts at $65 for unlimited tea and a three tiered cake stand with your usual scones, savories and sweets. The price per person increases should you wish to add a glass of Champagne. The service was impeccable and we never had to wait long after making a request. I believe guests can only get the afternoon tea upon making a reservation on Open Table. Upon booking a table, I had to choose between a standard reservation and the afternoon tea, hence my aforementioned assumption. Afternoon tea is served every day between 12pm and 5pm.

Now, let’s discuss the food. To be honest, I only have good feedback. For each guest, the lower tier holds two scones: plain and cranberries; with clotted cream and jam. Being in the US, sometimes English scones are a bit disappointing. Not at The Crosby Bar though. Size and texture were amazing. So delicious. The second tier holds four different finger sandwiches:

  • Butternut squash and chickpea hummus

  • Roasted turkey, dried cranberries, herb mayonnaise

  • Smoked salmon, mustard mascarpone, watercress

  • Truffled egg salad

Not gonna lie, my all time favorite always ends up being the egg salad, but all sandwiches were super good. Quite big and very filling too. I can guarantee you won’t be hungry at the end of your afternoon tea. On to the desserts, which were on the top tier:

  • Mini apple crostata

  • Marshmallow and candied chestnuts

  • Pumpkin cheesecake

  • Chef’s selection of macaron

Again, a triumph. This afternoon tea made such a good impression, I only have good things to say about it. The food was delicious, and quantity definitely met quantity here. It does not always do. The tea selection was impressive. I felt super satisfied with this meal and I would definitely go back to The Crosby Bar. I’d love to come for drinks and a date for sure.

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All in all, I definitely recommend afternoon tea at the Crosby Bar. It is great value for money as both quantity and quality are there. The food is delicious and the service great. Despite going there with no expectations and very few information, I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a great find.

Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Bar Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Bar

Have you heard of or been to the Crosby Bar before? For drinks, brunch or afternoon tea? What did you think? Would you recommend the place as well?

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