5 Editing Apps Your Instagram Feed Needs

Unless you are very lucky, pictures are never perfect. Or at least, they never turn out how you wanted them to be. Either too blue or yellow, to dark or too bright, it is never how it should be. To solve this problem, we all use editing apps. To make it easier to find the best one, here’s a list of the 5 photo editing apps you need!

1. VSCO Cam
I am sure you have already heard of this one. A classic. The tool we have probably all been using at least once! The app is free and comes in with a lot of filters and editing tools. You can even change the strength of the filter to suit your taste. No need to say it is a bloggers’ favorite! In-app purchases are available if you don’t like any of the filters VSCO offers for free and want some more chance. All the things we would do just for the gram. The app also have an integrated camera and a sharing community.

2. FaceTune
What is blogger’s worse enemy? Yellow tones. You want your pictures bright and your want them white! Problem solved with FaceTune! Call it your now BFF. Bring in the white feel! The original FaceTune costs £3.99 but the newest version is free. The app can really help you increase the quality of your pictures and you can play around with the detail tools. FaceTune 2 brings in another feature with facial feature detection. You can edit, enlarge, reduce, reshape, do a lot of thing with the new toolkit!

3. Snapseed
Snapseed is one of the most popular editing apps and for many good reasons: ease of use, many tool kits, large selection of filters, etc. But the most important feature probably is the selective tool! Why? Because it allows you to select particular parts of the picture to brighten up! These days where one half of the picture was way too white are over! Last but not least, Snapseed is free! Completely!

4. TouchRetouch
TouchRetouch is an app whose main feature is to remove unwanted blemishes and object from your photos. Many app allows you to do that, photoshop for example, but TouchRetouch is purely and solely dedicated to that! Moreover, it is quite easy to use! Using your finger, highlight what you want gone and pouf! the app removes it for you, replacing it with pixels from the surrounding areas! Easier and quicker to use than photoshop! The app is available on the app store for £2.99 but again, a purchase that is so worth it!

5. Enlight
Enlight is an all-in-one photo editor with both creative and artistic tools. Thus, you get all the basic editing tools but also a selection of artistic tools that will allow you to get super creative with your pictures. The app also has a selective tools allow you to change one part of the pictures while the rest remains unaltered. There is also a tool to remove unwanted defects. It might be a bit hard to use at first but the in-app help is really good. Only thing is, the app is £3.99. Completely worth it though!

Photo credit: Haute Stock

Did you know about any of these apps? Have you ever used them? What did you think? Did they leave up to expectations? Where they easy to use? Any editing apps that you are using?

I hope you liked this post! Thank you for reading!

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