3 Work Outfits With SHEIN

When I think “work outfits”, I think suits or business casual. Nothing else. Even though I know very well that it technically includes anything that is appropriate to wear in an office.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your workplace. And whether it has a dress code. Some will requite that you dress smart casual. Other than you just try not to come in your swimsuit.

My workplace does not have a dress code. I may come dressed as I wish. Which helped me save a bit of money. No need for a work wardrobe and a weekend wardrobe.

Then came COVID-19, a lockdown and working from home. I was working from home for a few months. Even less need for work outfits. Technically I could work in my pajamas. Which I do not recommend.

After all, what you wear does have an impact on your mood and productivity. Especially in the context for working from home. Let’s take your pajamas for example.

Pajamas are associated with bed time, sleeping, relaxation. To you and your body. Thus, if you both sleep and work in your pajamas, your body will not be able to separate work and sleep time. And so, your productivity will suffer.

Changing in a work outfit or even changing out of your pajamas when you work from home will help establish a clear boundary between work time and personal time.

Now, as I think about working outfits, I remember the last time I actually had to wear business casual at work. My first graduate program. Which was not really for me. But not because of the work outfits requirement.

No, I actually liked dressing in up in fancy dresses and blazers. They made me feel grown up and gave me some sort of power. And authority.

So yes, what you wear will have both an impact on how you feel and how other perceive you. While I personally believe that wearing jeans instead of a suit does not make you less qualified at a job, I do get that people may perceive you differently.

Positions of power in companies are very often associated with suits and blazers. So yes, business outfits gave an impression of authority and power as well as professionalism and expertise.

This again varies from one industry to another. But clients may take your more seriously if you present a project in a suit rather than in your jeans and jumper.

Now, the saying says “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” So I assume that if you want more responsibility, be taken more seriously and advance in your career, you should pay attention to what you wear.

Sometimes, wearing a blazer might make all the difference. Some other times, a dress in the shades of neutral might be the solution. Each industry and workplace comes with different expectations. 

Fashion will probably give you more leeway. A law firm will require that you wear a dress and a blazer. A bank? Maybe something in between. As I work in a digital marketing agency and getting more responsibility, I am thinking about work outfits more.

I will still stay true to my style. Dresses and florals. But whose designs look more appropriate to an office environment.

While the beige dress below is business casual, the pink one works great if you work in an agency. The jacquard dress? Well, I guess, I could wear that working for a fashion company!

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1. All about beige

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2. Pink is not for Wednesday

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3. Jacquard fever

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Do you have to dress business casual at work? Do you have many work outfits? What is your workplace dress code?

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