3 Cute Early Spring Outfit Ideas

3 cute early spring outfit ideas

Spring is just around the corner. It is literally starting this weekend. Such a shame that most of us will spend the whole of spring working from home though. Especially as New York is so lovely in April and May. Well, better be safe than sorry and stay home. You stay healthy and you help stop spreading the virus. Win-win. Yet, that does not mean you can’t play dress up, even at home. I wrote some time ago why I think it is actually super good for you to dress up even if you stay home all day. Your attire does have a massive impact on your mood after all. Thus, you do need some 3 cute early spring outfit ideas to rock that indoors look!

3 Cute Early Spring Outfit Ideas

This article is in collaboration with Shein. They gifted me most of the pieces featured in this post. Furthermore, I have been working with Shein for more than two years now and can vouch for them and the quality of their clothes. Some pieces featured in this post have been mine for almost a year now! They have also kindly given me a 15% off discount code that you can use on their website when you spend £49. Or 10% off when you spend £19. The discount is valid on top of current sales. It is “2tea15” should want to treat yourself to brighten up those gloomy times.

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1. Florals for spring

Yes, I know, groundbreaking! Floral is super common during spring and  a trend that comes back every year. And for good reasons! It is just the prettiest! In my opinion, floral works just as well during winter! But winter is over now so that is not even up for debate! The beginning of spring is not always the warmest, especially if you live in the United Kingdom. There, winter does seem to drag on until at least May. Then, it might be smart to get early spring outfit ideas that can actually allow you to smoothly transition to spring and adapt the mid-season temperatures.

This is why this floral skater dress with frill from Shein is ideal for the task! First it is not too short. Second, the colors are quite dark so great at keeping the heat. Third, the dress has long sleeves! Had it had pockets, it would have been the perfect dress. I styled it quite simply here with a blush blazer from New Look and my favorite cross-body bag also from Shein. The blazer is two years old but you can find a similar blush blazer on Shein as well.

As for this cute location, it was actually totally random. We shoot all 3 cute outfit ideas for spring a few weeks ago, after my migraines had finally passed and I was ready to get back into social media. In the end, there was some lack of preparation on my part and I had not figured out all the locations. This one included. We just saw it while walking and decided this little cute flower shop would be perfect. Floral dress, flower shop, get it?!

3 cute early spring outfit ideas 3 cute early spring outfit ideas

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2. Tulle fever

I think you are used to seeing this tulle skirt by now. Again, an item of clothing I had for almost and year and that I have been wearing again and again. It is just so versatile, can be worn in summer and winter, can be styled with anything. Black goes great with any color after all. So I decided, why not pair it with lilac?

Lilac is so spring. After all, the flower blooms as spring beings. It was love at first sight with this mesh sleeves top from Shein. First of all, the sleeves. They are amazing! Then, the pearls on the sleeves! Way to add a romantic vibe to the outfit. Finally, the purple Jacquard print. It ticked all the boxes to be in this 3 cute outfit ideas for spring blog post. Accessories-wise, I did not thought about it too much. I felt this pink beaded bag would add a great pop of color.

This is the third time I shot at L’Appartement Sézane in Nolita. The floral display is more elaborated than its London counterpart in Notting Hill. As it changes season after season, just like any other display in London, it provides a new backdrop every three months or so. How convenient, am I right?! The theme this time seems to be the Mediterranean coast of Italy with the lemon, white flowers and the vespa.

3 cute early spring outfit ideas

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3. Pastel color block

Pastel colors are amazing for spring. It’s like they were invented just for spring. I do think they also work great in autumn! Who does not like going against the rules from time to time, am I right?! Not only this yellow pastel dress from Shein gives me spring vibes, but is also, for some reasons, gives me Easter vibes! Don’t ask.

I love the scallop edge and broderie anglaise and how romantic it looks. The pink of the bag and the blazer really complement the dress and make for the cutest spring look! Just a word of advice though, beware of the cleavage. It is quite deep. The “good girl” vibe of the dress is nicely deconstructed by the edgier low boots. It in the end it is quite modern outfit.

A modern outfit that goes so well with this location, a Nolita taco bar. The pastel blue and white of the walls really complement the yellow of the dress. Next thing on my to-do list, once the social distancing is over, is to try out those tacos!

3 cute early spring outfit ideas

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Get 15% off Shein with code “2tea15

What do you think of those 3 cute early spring outfit ideas? Which outfit is your favorite? How are you holding up working at home and social distancing?

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I  hope you liked this post.

See you soon,

*gifted items.


  1. March 20, 2020 / 4:48 pm

    Very informative post about spring outfit, It is really to early, but you are looking very cute in this new outfit.

  2. July 5, 2023 / 11:30 am

    Looking very pretty in all these cute outfits, especially in the yellow dress.

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